Kristen Stewart’s New Boardwalk Empire Crush

You know what they say darlings, you can’t let go of one man until you get a grip on the next, and it seems Kristen Stewart is trying to sink her claws into Boardwalk Empire star Michael Pitt, whom she met during Paris fashion week at the Chanel show.

“Kristen’s not over Rob but she’s getting there and Michael’s helping her through it,” tattled a spy. “She vowed to throw herself into work and be single this summer. But when she met Michael last week, they hit it off. They both hate the spotlight and are smart bookworm types.”

Krissy may indeed hate the paparazzi, but smart? That’s not exactly how I’d describe someone who would cheat on the flawless Robert Pattinson, n’est ce pas minions? Besides, Kristen shouldn’t be doodling “Mrs. Kristen Pitt” in her notebook just yet–Michael was at the Chanel fashion show to support his longtime girlfriend, model Jamie Bochert.

Not that that will stop Kristen–if she broke up a marriage do you think she’d have any qualms about coming between a mere boyfriend and girlfriend? Tell me your thoughts on Krissy’s new crush…XOXO.


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  1. Kaira West Said:

    I could see them together. But kristen wants to chill with friends and work no problem with that

  2. Nicole Said:

    I absolutely love Kristen❤ I think everyone should just get off her case. Ya she made a mistake and she might or might not regret it, who knows? But she just needs to distract herself while she gets over rob. And just to put it out there they were perfect together

  3. Shabba Said:

    Kristen Stewart smart? Has anyone seen an interview of hers. And I cannot respect anyone who breaks up a marriage. Yes she should hang out with her friends and work and not ruin any more lives.

  4. Leigh Said:

    I never liked Kristen in the first place, but this whole thing with her only liking guys who are taken? Puh-lease. I think she needs to have a break from relationships like the original plan. Stick to it, Kristen!

  5. Emerson Said:

    I absolutely hate Kristen Stewart, make more than one face, stop going after guys who are taken, stop cheating on the guy you do have, its absolutely disgusting. She can’t act and her personal life is a disgrace, why are you even bothering with breathing anymore?

  6. thecutest Said:

    I’ve interviewed Kristen for work twice. I wouldn’t call her a bookworm type, but I wouldn’t say she was dumb, either. she’s a normal girl. As for her with Michael Pitt, I am in love with Jamie Bochert, so I will royally cut a bitch if she homewrecks her way into that relationship. Glad she dumped that wet rag Pattinson, but she needs to wag that snatch elsewhere and leave these two alone.

  7. Sara Hart Said:

    of course she would! She’s so self centered and selfish but cant admit to that, of course. She would to get what she would want, thats how fame comes. You get power in fame. You would know all about that gossip girl :)

  8. Sara Hart Said:

    Kristen says she dose not want to be in the spotlight, then maybe she should not be in the biggest new hit movies coming out and try to get the best and be the best, unless she does like the spotlight

  9. Laura Said:

    Stop bitching about kristen, she made a mistake, but we ALL make mistakes… and we ALL deserves a second chance…

  10. DiamondGirl413 Said:

    Kristen Stewart does not impress me as an actress, or person in anyway. Twilight could have been done with anyone, she is a cheater; she ruined her own relationship and a marriage and now she regrets it please. She can not do television interviews because she sounds dumb if she does not like the spotlight she needs to leave it a million girl who kill to have her job.

  11. Mr. Charlie B. Said:

    She is a human, and the thing is that we are NOT perfect. We just can’t. She did a huge mistake, and what? Is her life nos ours. Deal with it.
    And if she does not like the spotlights, well, ok, it will be not easy for her to be a famous actress. But she is doing what she likes to do and the spotlight thing is her own problem.
    Finally, I have to say that lots of better girls exists for Bella’s character…And for Edward’s, and for Rosalie’s…Just enjoy it!Damn.

  12. Mr. Charlie B. Said:

    And it’s cool to be ambitious, so I think she’s doing the right thing when she accepts that huge jobs, like twilight, etc.

  13. Lisa Said:

    Not even her fan, but:
    1)U say that u hate her as a person, so I guess u know her personally then? Yeah didn’t think so.
    2) She broke up a marriage? If the married guy was decent then he wouldn’t have cheated on his wife.Cheating is never the third person’s fault.
    3) Yes she is a cheater.But that’s not really our business isn’t that right? Cheating is always a mistake but it is her choice whether to grow up and stop doing it or keep on doing it.Also,if u hate her acting stop watching it, duh!

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