Hot Mess: Kristen Stewart at the On The Road Premiere

Oh Goodness Kristen Stewart, not this again.

She stepped out in my city to the premiere of her new movie, On The Road, looking like pure uncut awfulness. This look is bad, even for her. And for once, it isn’t just her awkward posture and sour expression that ruin it. A blue satin two piece¬†playsuit–which essentially looks like an old-timey bikini–paired with neon orange lace overlay? Gee Krissy how could that have possibly gone wrong? Not to mention the bare legs in 35 degree Manhattan December and neon pumps which are beyond last season.

Kristen, at this point you have dug yourself so far into a fashion hole with me that not even round-the-clock assistance by The Divine One (Anna Wintour, obvs) could put you back on my OMFGorgeous list. Merry Christmas.




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