Cute or Ew: Kristen Stewart’s Orange Hair

Guess who debuted freshly dyed orange locks at New Orleans salon Maison de Cheveux this weekend, darlings? Kristen Stewart! The Twilight star, who has made it clear with her rarely-washed hair that she’s not striving for mane trendsetter status, went for this new look for her role in the film American Ultra. The typically sullen actress was sans-makeup when she flashed a smile in the selfie “after picture” at the salon.

Kristen Stewart with orange hair

Credit: @maisondecheveux on Instagram

Is Sunday’s champagne brunch at The Pierre still clouding my judgement, or does the unusual color actually brighten up the drab actress’s look? The visible dark roots, however, are truly unacceptable…especially before even stepping foot outside the salon!

Kristen, we’ve had our issues in the past (mostly with your utter disrespect for all things fashion), but I have a list of Upper East Side stylist references for you if you do plan to keep up this hair experimentation phase.

So, as we process KStew’s sherbert-hued hairstyle, let’s reach a verdict: Shall we praise her for finally updating her look, or judge her for choosing tangerine, a color that hasn’t been relevant since 2012?


  1. Lee Gannon Said:

    At least her mouth is closed in the picture.

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