Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson’s Dogfight

As they both move out of the LA manse they shared in the wake of their nasty split, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson didn’t seem to care who got the coffee table or the collection of Converse. But I hear that the pair are feuding over who will take custody of their beloved rescue pup, Bear. Apparently Rob agreed to give K.Stew the cat, Max, but insisted on taking the dog with him back to England.

Krissy is apparently heartbroken that their “baby” is gone, but since she’s clearly the villain in this sitch, I wouldn’t say that she has a paw to stand on…would you? XOXO.





  1. EricaBossLady Said:

    That is so sad :(

  2. emina Said:

    I am mostly wondering WHY she cheated in the first place… A bit behind on the gossip right now so I don’t know if she’s come out with anything yet? :S

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