Hot Mess: Kristen Stewart on the Cover of V Magazine

‘Tis the season for reinvention, but Kristen Stewart is showing that while the year may change, her style–or lack thereof–will never update. K.Stew is a pale, dour, unkempt “celebrity” who, for some reason, people keep putting in movies. And even worse, on the cover of magazines. This time she’s gracing the latest issue of V magazine and–surprise surprise–she looks even more miserable than usual.


V Magazine

A white shirt, a black bra and greasy hair? This is the new wave of fashion? Not that I need every single starlet to be as well dressed as I am, darlings, but I’d at least appreciate a modicum of effort from V magazine’s styling department.

And while K.Stew is hard pressed to look chic in even the most couture of clothes, but there had to be something better than this lying around the V mag fashion closet.

Is this one of her worst photoshoots to date? Or do you love her stripped down and au natural?


  1. hategg Said:

    Go to hell. She is perfect. You are just jealous.

  2. dsotm76 Said:

    I’m glad that she still just possesses the one expression. I guess if you have it mastered, why change?

  3. ggada Said:

    I dont want to read about her ever again!she is just so boooring!

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