Pathetic Alert: Kristen Stewart Caught Wearing Rob’s Clothes

Tres tragic, darlings. I have little to no love left for Kristen Stewart–JK I never had any to begin with–but now she’s officially become a social liability with her latest stunt: wearing Robert Pattinson’s favorite Orioles hat in an ill-conceived attempt to grab his attention and win him back.

Hey Krissy, while I do acknowledge that this plan was probably the best your pot-addled mind could hatch, grungy caps and a backpack aren’t going to reunite you with the hottest man on planet Earth. You know you love me–too bad the feeling isn’t mutual…XOXO.



  1. ILoveYou Said:

    I hate her,she is a stupid bitch :S I hope Rob will find someone better that her,cause he deserves someone better.

  2. jammiebasket Said:

    She’s mourning what she had…yes it’s a bit sad, as she’s clearly doing it so that he’ll see. No (self respecting) woman would want someone to want her out of pity…surely? However I do feel a bit bad for her…Maybe she’d get a bit more sympathy from people hadn’t she lied, then lied about lying then lied about still lying… :S …Soon we may see her out and about in her on set she’ll be mourning the end of a career!

  3. catdove Said:

    NEED Twihards who LOVE Kristen & Robert MORE than Twilight to place blame where it is due. Hollywood causing young, obsessed fans this kind of pain is wrong. They make money by making fun of this franchise – stalking our favorite actors – because they have no respect for Twilight despite the mountains of money it has poured into it – we CAN place blame on the original person who caused this emotionally-volatile situation – Stephenie Meyer. Search for “explain twilight breaking dawn ending blog”

  4. paulina87 Said:

    Feel sorry for Rob. For her as well I guess….. stupid girl!!!she had a sexy man and then she had a fling with an older man???? WTF were you thinking Kristen?

  5. EricaBossLady Said:

    My question is y did K do that to R?She had it all.The fame, money, great career,and a hot boyfriend. I mean what more can you ask for. K, I understand we all make mistake afterall that what makes us human. I forgive you and I hope that R does too. So I wonder if this will ever be a happy ending again? I guess we have watch what happens. This should be good. Rite?

  6. Stolen1kiss Said:

    After her big betrayal to robert is she feeling lonely ? Every hates miss kristen now robert’s heart is broken. She is now blacklisted from the whole USA ! Sorry my dear but it seems like your glory time is over..

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