Kristen Stewart Disses Will Smith: He’s Too Old For My Movie!

If you didn’t detest Kristen Stewart already, let me help move that process along. I hear that Krissy was crushed when 40-year-old Ben Affleck pulled out of their upcoming movie project, “Focus,” but when producers suggested that Will Smith replace him, Kristen threw a fit, declaring Will to be “too old” to star alongside her–and dropped out of the movie too!

kristen stewart will smith


Tres unprofessional, darlings. The film centered around a veteran conman who takes an attractive young woman under his wing and they inevitably end up romantically involved. Now obviously, I’m not a fan of old people (or babies or retail or polyester) but, sigh, since I already admitted to liking Audrina Patridge I might as well confess that I have a soft spot for Will as well. He’s a good actor, a funny fellow and always dapperly dressed. Kristen is none of these things. And since he’s only four years older than Ben Affleck, I have a hard time believing that was the reason K.Stew pulled out.

Do you think Kristen was in the wrong for refusing Will? Or would these two have about as much on-screen chemistry as a table and a chair?

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  1. Lavinia Said:

    They wouldn’t have any chemistry.He’s hot,charming and a great actor.Her acting is horrible,and her expressions are blank.She doesn’t deserve to make a movie with him.
    And if you ask me…who would be stupid enough to diss Will Smith?!Jesus…look at him!

  2. Sara mallete Said:

    I think it would be a good thing for her to learn how to ACT cause she sucks at it.

  3. Jeq Said:

    From what I know of Kristen Stewart, she would not refuse to work with any actor. I think the story is made up.

  4. GossipGay Said:

    Once a bitch, always a bitch. xoxo GG

  5. nikalea36 Said:

    Bitch Please…learn how to act first

  6. K Said:

    No? What about the interview Shiloh Fernandez did for nylon guys explaining the difference in personalities between Kristen and himself? He was supposed to be Edward.

  7. LW Said:

    Either the whole thing is made up or she is full of s**t. That director she had an affair with is like 42 or 43 years old but Will Smith is too old to play her love interest at age 44?

  8. Shasha Said:

    lol a bag has more acting talent than Kristen. Kristen should feel most fortunate to be concerned acting along side Mister Fine and Very Handsome Sir. WILL SMITH

  9. B Said:

    Maybe Kris is racist, and she doesn’t want to say it loudly.

  10. Real Said:

    Fuck kristena. She sucks. He is far more successful and valuable than a thousand kristena stewarts combined together. Fucking amateur.

  11. Anonymous Said:

    The girl that replaced that silly twilight rubbish is way better looking anyway sooo who

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