Kristen Stewart’s Flip Out

My, my–the fairest of them all certainly has a less-than-ladylike side. I spied Kristen Stewart giving photogs the finger in Paris as she strolled around with Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld. And the next day, darlings? She did it again.

I am on the verge of giving K.Stew my lifetime seal of disapproval. There’s a fine line between being a fierce female and being bratty or bitchy. Do you think Krissy has a right to act so surly all the time? Or should sharing a bed with Robert Pattinson automatically keep a smile on your face?

gossip girl

Photo credit: Hollywood News


  1. Sam Said:

    ikr just stay wit the brit, and all things will be alrightt

  2. RKFAN27 Said:

    lol are you serious? They could have snapped her flipping someone else off besides the paps. It’s not like she’s seen all over the place flipping people off. I’ve followed this girl since 2008 and there is only about 2 sets of photos of her flipping off a camera. Get a life.

  3. Mj Said:

    Seriously? I don’t know who you’re flipping off but regardless, it’s not necessary. Words will do the trick. Not only is it grotesque, rude, and lacking class, it’s not fierce at all. Give them a smile, K-Stew, that is, if you know how to.

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