Cute or Ew: Kylie Jenner’s New Ink

Spotted: Kylie Jenner reaching nonchalantly for her Coke, looking totally innocent, but WAIT. Do you see what I see? And I’m not talking about her bra strap peeking out from her dress (although I’ll agree that’s tres tacky). No, no, dolls. Check out the HUGE new inking on her arm:

I don’t like it when people lie to me, but I sure hope she’s just teasing with this one like she’s done in the past. Surely it’s just Sharpie or a pen she doodled with during one of her fake classes, right? If she’s dead set on being an It Girl, she can’t have something permanent like this hanging around on a body part that is exposed for the world to see day in and day out.

But what do you think, minions? If this is real, can Kylie pull it off? Or for her sake, do you hope that this is one that comes off with soap and water?

Kylie Jenner Tyga Last King Flagship Store Grand Opening on Melrose Avenue


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  1. Marie Young Said:

    Very ugly. Wouldn’t move me to have her model any fashion. Classless.

  2. Ingrid Said:


  3. Cupcake Said:

    Who says it girls can’t have tattoos? I datura the tattoo is fine as long as it isn’t something stupid!

  4. Kati Farkas Said:

    This is a fake Sharpie tattoo done by her friend @badwoodx on Instagram. Xoxo, do you research first.

  5. Kathy LeMay Said:

    Please let it be fake!!!! Too young too beautiful and ?smart? Her mom controls everything else,where was she for this *&%^#@ up???

  6. Jeffrey Said:

    Nothing for me, it looks just so small and meaningless.

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