Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Party Swag Bags Filled With $150K Worth of Stuff

It’s a shame I had to RSVP with my regrets to Kylie Jenner‘s Sweet 16 bash because I hear 150+ guests walked away with swag bags filled with luxe items worth around $1,000.

As I reported earlier this month, Mama Jenner was shamelessly begging and pleading with companies trying to get items donated to make these bags something to talk about. I guess it worked because the bags were filled with “808 headphones, iPod speakers, Kardashian brand makeup, jewelry from her own jewelry line, gift cards, and a bunch of other crap,” according to my friends at TMZ.

While on the outside looking in, the whole thing would sound glamorous. But when you really look at it, was this Kris and Kylie’s way of bribing the cool kids to attend the party? In my prep school days, I knew a few Upper East Siders who tried to buy their friends with lavish parties, weekend getaways and expensive clothes. It totally worked… but I’m still one to call a spade a spade. You know you love me.

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  1. kait Said:

    Jeez. I remember getting candy/goodie bags upon departure of the party. not all this cool shit! I was jipped

  2. Kaela Said:

    why did they need free stuff again?

  3. annomys Said:

    Why would her guests need a bottle of water??

  4. Melissa Said:

    OMG her friends are millionaire as her, why would they go to a party just to get stuff that they could buy easily and that they surely already have?

  5. Bailey Said:

    Did they really give them zebra duct tape? You can get that at a gas station.

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