Kylie Jenner Addresses Rumors That She Dates For Publicity

The Kardashians want you to believe that their hearts as well as their actions are pure and that nothing–nothing is done for the sake of getting discussed in the press. But darlings, we all know, as do they, that you’re nobody unless you’re talked about. So clearly a few pics of a young hot Hollywood couple being splashed across the tabloids would help their ratings–and bank accounts–skyrocket, but not so fastKylie Jenner is insisting (or something like that) she would never let publicity get in the way of true love:


This is of course in response to the rumors that Kris Jenner is encouraging her daughters to date certain boys purely for PR reasons. The funny thing is, Kylie’s tweet never actually denies anything…

But what do you think, minions? Are the Kardashian girls just really good at snagging the celeb guys, or is there something more to it?

Kylie Jenner out and about in Calabasas




  1. El Said:

    Most likely hinting that Hendall (Harry and Kendall) is a PR stunt.

  2. S Said:

    She’s a jenner.

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