Scene & Heard: Kylie Jenner Gushes About Jaden Smith

“Although we can’t remember exactly when we met, I couldn’t be more grateful that we did. You understand me like not many do and you always know the right time to make me laugh. And no, you haven’t failed once to catch me when I attempt to walk or open the door on my every entrance. Happy birthday to my best friend.”Kylie Jenner let her thumbs do the talking on Instagram, where she posted a pic of boyfriend Jaden Smith.

Although in true Kardashian fashion, the pic was 90% of herself.



Do you believe that KJ and JS have the most normal relationship in the Kardashian fam–perhaps even all of young Hollywood? Or is this just a showmance?


  1. sami Said:

    She’s not even a Kardashian. Get it right, GG.

  2. Benanta Said:

    I think they are a very cute couple! And I do hope they keep it normal like a teenager should

  3. Jules Said:

    Yes, she is a Kardashian. Smart ass.

  4. Jules Said:

    Or at least related.

  5. notlovingit Said:

    she’s actually a jenner.

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