Haircut Alert: Kylie Jenner Chops Off Her Long Locks

Kylie Jenner Believe World Premiere

Before the cut! WENN

For most, a new year means reinvention–a chance to say goodbye to the things that bring you down and hello to things that will make you feel better. And it looks like Kylie Jenner is doing just that, with a plan to start 2014 a little lighter–with her hair, that is.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star showed off her shorter locks on Instagram and explained in a video why she decided to cut her hair for the new year.

“I just feel like there was a lot of stress I needed to let go, so I chopped it off,” she said. “I actually love my hair. I’m cutting more off tomorrow. I’m going a little lighter, because I feel like it. But I love my hair way better short.”

Tell me, dolls: Do you like Ky’s shorter look? And what are you planning to do change in honor of 2014? Spill in the comments below. XOXO


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  1. Maxime Said:

    She looks stunning as always.. Her hair actually has been this short since christmas or so, I saw it on her instagram account!

  2. Tiffa Said:

    She looks gorgeous! I love it.

  3. N Said:

    She felt the need to explain why she cut her hair? It’s just her hair. Gosh, who is she, the queen?

  4. brianna Said:

    idrc because I cant stand the kardashians or the jenners so ya. directioner all the way

  5. kailee Said:


  6. Jbags58 Said:

    It looks nice but I wouldnt call that CHOPPING off her long locks! It’s still fairly long and if you look at the pic on the left (before) the ends look all scraggly anyway….to me chopping off long locks means at the shoulder or shorter..just sayin’. But it looks nice and much more healthy! :)

  7. Anna Milburn Said:

    She looks great!!

  8. Nicki Blanch Said:

    Can’t get de pic but I knw she looks
    Awesome #loveit

  9. another hairy kardashian sister Said:

    Its not even short its still long!! pointless article about pointless pseudo celeb.

  10. ANGEL Said:

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  11. Moiskana Droozia Manana Lorcany Prash Boorque Mamlio Jazool Rah Lorziin Kajelapooirg Said:

    I really don’t care about the Kardashians or Jenners, so I might as well make a comment, though:
    Okay, why is it such a big deal when celebrity’s cut their hair? It’s like, they cut off their hair and it’s all getting teenage girls’ panties in a bunch.
    And, second of all, fuck her. Fuck fuck fuck Kardashians and Jenners fuck em fuck em fuck em

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