Kylie Jenner & Jaden Smith’s Movie Date Night

Spotted: Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith, who have previously denied that they’re an item, strolling through a movie theater hand-in-hand…CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICS!



Now I don’t know about you darlings, but I don’t usually prance around the cinema with my hands all over my platonic pals, do you? I didn’t think so.

But that’s not what bothers me–if they want to keep their romance on the DL, fine by me. I am instead perturbed by their date night attire. WTF are you two wearing? Kylie, with a slew of sisters to borrow clothes from, why are you dressed like an off-duty Shoney’s waitress? And Jaden? It’s called facial moisturizer. Try it some time.

But, at least he’s dressed as a human and not Iron Man. Baby steps, right darlings?


  1. Lois L Said:

    I’m thinking the ‘dried out face’ look is coming from Kylie’s makeup being transferred from her face to his…

  2. kiwi Said:

    can you not see that he has foundation all over his mouth…???
    there was defo some snogging during that movie date …

  3. Regina Said:

    Jay, what’s up with that alien face. Darling, making that facail gesture only makes it even more disgusting that what it already looks like.
    But still, don’t know why young men fancy dressing with baggy clothes. Its so not good. Looks like Macy drop a mop from its store shed and he decided to wear it :c Pity the fool who dared to try that.

  4. wally Said:

    Who ever wrote this post is sooooo meannnn. She looks fine like a teenager and clearly he’s not ashy he was making out with her and foundation got on his face. Chill out on the hate for these celebs!! Not sure if i’m comingg back to ths site.

  5. Gabby Said:

    the man behind the:DDD
    Bet kylie looks normal, like a teenager. And Jadens face… It’s just her makeup. No big deal…

  6. Andreea Said:

    Looks like wanting a black dick is in the family gene.

  7. Samantha Said:

    Oh GAWD. Can you say “Worst Couple Ever”?? #JustNO

  8. Geo Said:

    I can’t wait to see the sextape (◕‿◕✿)

  9. Laila Said:

    Samantha : Whats your problem
    Geo: You are funny ha ha ha
    Andreea: You are plain rude…
    Everyone else is just spot on.
    The poor kids were canoodling… And you Gossip Girl if Kylie stepped out in anything else you would have complained that its too grown up or too much . Leave them alone; they are kids dressed like normal kids at the movies; pick on someone your own size…

  10. Tiahna Said:

    looks like Jaden got more than he bargained with the pale face?

  11. kayla Said:

    bro kylie ugly jaden cute the fuck

  12. Oh God Not Another Said:

    WTF is wrong with this Family. Why must they all date monkeys’? She’s screwed before she even starts. Well good luck with the multiple baby daddies, and the drug charges.

  13. Oh God Not Another One Said:

    When’s the sex tape going to leak?

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