WTF Alert: Kylie Jenner Krashes Her Kar

Ha and ha, darlings. Little Kylie Jenner, who only got her driver’s license 18 days ago, has already wrecked her $125,000 Mercedes SUV. That she just got. Because, of course she did.

On Tuesday, the 16-year-old plowed into the back of a Toyota, causing a chain reaction that left several cars seriously banged up. Luckily no one was hurt and Ky-Ky did apologize profusely, but I am both amused and unsurprised by KJ’s clumsiness.

I can’t help but giggle when I think of the epic freak out Bruce and Kris had when theirĀ littlest girl wrecked a car worth more than most homes.

This, my dears, is why I had a chauffeur. You know you love me…XOXO

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  1. Ruby Said:

    And this is why I shouldn’t let children drive.

  2. Ruby Said:

    Not “I”, “we”. We shouldn’t let children drive.

  3. Samantha Said:

    So will people give her crap, like how everyone does to Justin Bieber? She looked like a terrible driver in the show.

  4. maria Said:

    Her jeep doesn’t look damaged at all.

  5. kimk Said:

    La tipica pendeja

  6. Vero Said:

    Seriously, nothing wrong! accidents happen all the time. They’re called unexpected stops for a reason!!

  7. Michelle Kerr Said:

    It’s not a Jeep it’s a Mercedes…maybe little Kylie should have been given a starter car like most average American 16 year olds…spoiled little shit!! I hope the person she rear ended sues the shit out of her, their car looks really messed up!

  8. Tory Said:

    No this is why we don’t let teenagers drive $125,000 cars, duh, maybe her parents should use their brains, they have to know shes a horrible driver

  9. Harmony Said:

    People are obv going to make a big deal about it because of who she is but it’s all good. Stuff like this happens all the time.

  10. Sara Said:

    Do you think maybe the reporters chasing this girl had anything to do with a wreck? I’m 33 and would have a hard time driving anywhere without trying to hit all those people shoving cameras in my face.

  11. Nikki Said:

    16 year olds shouldn’t be “given” a car, starter or Mercedes. This is one of the many reasons the youth of today act the way they do – kids of 16 (hell, even 13) are more than old and capable enough to get off their lazy asses and work for what they want, especially when it’s a ridiculously expensive vehicle you really have no need for.

  12. Seriously? Said:

    Kylie wasn’t “given” a car. She probably earns more money in a week than that car was worth. She works crazier hours than most adults. Regardless of whether or not you think she has talent, by merit of the fact that you’re reading a post about her increases her earning power.

  13. christiine Said:

    I bet she was doing a keek at her phone or taking pics of herself like : Me driving in my babeee. Cabooom !

  14. sally Said:

    too funny. The brag brat gets in an accident…it was just a matter of time. keep texting and taking pictures of your self…..

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