Is Kylie Jenner Not Allowed to Hang Out With Justin Bieber Anymore?

They say you are who you hang out with, and Bruce Jenner wants to make sure that Justin Bieber isn’t sitting anywhere near him at the family dinner table. I hear that Papa B has banned his daughter Kylie from seeing the tiny terror. As you know, Ky and her big sis Kendall have been caught hanging out with JB on more than one occasion recently. In fact, the girls were rumored to be a factor in his breakup with Selena Gomez.

An insider snitched to Sugarscape that Bruce is not a fan of the Biebs and has forbidden his little girl from seeing the troublemaker.

Kylie Jenner 2014 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals

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“When he learned that Bieber had taken Kylie to Las Vegas to see the Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight, he hit the roof and immediately called estranged wife Kris Jenner, fuming,” the source tattled. “Bruce then phoned Kylie, forbidding her to date Bieber ever again bluntly declaring he doesn’t want her influenced by his drug use and bad behavior.”

Kylie apparently went crying to Mama K, but the matriarch–who, let’s face it, lets her girls do pretty much whatever they want–sided with Bruce on this one. At this rate, it looks like Jussy’s on track to lose friends as fast as he’s losing his popularity. XOXO


  1. Ruby Said:

    LMFAO dumbest shit I’ve ever read in my life. Bruh Justin Bieber ain’t losing shit in fact he’s getting more respect from mature people. Write something believable and work on giving nicknames! XOXO

  2. Yolanda Said:

    We all want whats best for our kids and if Bruce Jenner Think Justin Bieber aint good for his daughter than there is nothing we can say or do about it i myself wont allow my kids to stay with someone who is abusing drugs and behave bad in the public never.
    #Team Bruce Jenner#

  3. Kara Said:

    I like your comment Yolanda
    And if it’s true , if kris did act like a parent this time . good foor her finally

  4. Blanca Said:

    @Ruby, what are you talking about more respect from more mature people. He is not getting respect, he buys friendships. People sell their respect to him. He is not losing anything because he has money not because he is a respectable person.

  5. jalaya Said:

    @blanca bishh stfu beiber my bestie

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