Has Kylie Jenner Had Plastic Surgery?

Rumor has it that Kylie Jenner has followed in her family’s footsteps and gone under the knife. OK magazine in Australia even had two American-based plastic surgeons say, after comparing “before” and “after” pics of the reality star, that the 16-year-old has had a nose job, lip fillers, and Botox injections.

A rep for Kylie told the Daily Mail that the claim was “so ridiculous and not true.” While I wouldn’t be totally shocked if it were, I’m going to have to side with the Kardashian Kamp on this one. Check out these two pics–one from December 2012 and the other from this year:

kylie jenner


Okay, fine. Her lips do look a little plumper, her eyebrows a little more arched, and her nose a bit tinier, but it seems to me that she just learned new makeup techniques–which, IMHO, is the way to go when you’re that young. Save the plastic for when you’re old and really need it. XOXO

Do you think Ky has had any work done, or is this just a case of a girl who has grown older and discovered better beauty tricks?

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  1. Cindy Said:

    I think it’s sad that these girls are being hounded over what they may or may not have had done. People seem to forget that teenagers go through so many physical changes, she’s a little older now and is losing that baby fat, not to mention the change in makeup products/routines. Contouring can slim a nose regardless of it’s size. Lips can look fuller depending on the gloss or lipstick/liner you use. Not to mention that a new shape/arch of the brows can change the shape of your face altogether

  2. Kira Said:

    She’s just growing up

  3. kkk Said:

    it’s just a makeup trick

  4. Sam Said:

    This is ridiculous. Her hair and makeup are just different.

  5. PatriciaM Said:

    This is ridiculous! She is 16 it is obvious her face is still changing!! I do not look the same as I did when I was 16! Tabloids could not get any more stupid than this…

  6. Natasha Said:

    It’s called fucking contouring. WEIRD that her face would change as she ages.

  7. Haley Said:

    definitely aging, makeup tricks and a little loss of baby fat in her face. girls can’t even grow up nowadays without their every visual being dissected.

  8. Lorel Said:

    The make up is more matte in the second picture so you can see less definition. The point in the eyebrow is drawn higher and the contouring of the face is different, anybody can make their lips look as big as they want if you use a lip liner correctly! Apart from all that her face is on an angle. Get off it!

  9. Sara Said:

    Now that’s not plastic surgery.
    it’s called growing up.
    Maybe society should do too.

  10. NANCY McGuinness Said:

    It does look like she has had a nose job but she is a smart girl and i do agree with Sara and Lorel she has changed with age and proper use of her make -up,

  11. Charli Said:

    If you were to compare a photo of me a year ago to now people would probably think the same,it’s called growing up and maturing

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