Kylie Jenner Poses With a Shirtless Jaden Smith In Bed

Apparently you’re nobody until you pose with a shirtless boy in bed… Spotted: Kylie Jenner, 16, straddling a shirtless Jaden Smith, 15, in bed and it appears as though J is having quite a lovely time with it all. Just check out his facial expression, loves!



This all comes just one week after the controversy that revolved around Jaden’s 13-year-old sister Willow caught on camera in bed with 20-year-old Moises Arias (a total creeper with or without that huge age difference, if you ask me). Obviously Ky and Jaden are poking fun at the situation, but what kind of message does this send, do you think? A cute one… or an ew one? Tell me your thoughts in a comment below!


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  1. DJ Jazzy Jack Said:

    what a piece of trash… mommy’s been trying to get her to date mr. jiggy junior forever!!!

    i guess that’s how that family makes money…
    they stand next to a black person and pose

  2. leah Said:

    For me is weird ,they shouldnt take a photo

  3. Miss It Said:

    The Kardashians only make their money by being in the public eye, they have no talent otherwise so of course she would jump on this controversy and become what everyone is talking about!

    No doubt her mum also put her up for this! Kris is living through all her children and wants as much fame and as much money as she can get her hands on!

  4. Kenley Said:

    Obviously there’s nothing going their just want to make confusion and trouble between the two

  5. sophie Said:

    Stop exaggerating everything people first they are not alone in this room and she is just à teenager who posted à photo with her (boy)friend like we all did

  6. Jeffrey Said:

    Oh, god. I almost thougt it was Jussy.

  7. rly? Said:

    mhm.. so bitches, did u miss my comments? – Oh’well im back. So, what i see in this picture is a young boy, feeling it, with a girl in the back. Oh, and where i the only one who saw these man boobs? mhm.. So sad for the smith family, getting caught in the bedroom, hihi.. First Willow, now jaden, oh. buuut they’re only childs. So’ll blame it on the parents. – I mean, as always.

    xoxo rly? – Well i’ve missed this kind of gossip girl, keep going bitch <3 :*

  8. rly? Said:

    Oh, gurrrrls, i looked at the picture again, and if you look at the left you’ll see a leg, that means that they weren’t alone, oh, somebody’s watching them, uh la la…. well, that was it, hihi..

    xoxo rly, good job bitch :*

  9. Lexi Said:

    I’m sorry but you guys are retarded. There is a leg in the picture and someone is taking the picture so there are at least two other people in the room. She is just giving him a back massage which explains him shirtless and his facial expression and her sitting like that. Relax and stop judging 15 year olds. Nothing is happening here.

  10. Horndog Said:

    They aren’t alone. Does anybody else see the knee to the left in the picture? 3some???

  11. Stop it Said:

    Theres more people there u can see a leg on the left they r just kids chilling

  12. Lori Said:

    Not only isn’t he wearing a shirt but it appears he’s just In his boxers. Everything Bruce worried about is coming true his daughter following in her slutty 1/2 sisters footsteps. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree huh Kris?!?!? This is disgusting

  13. tina Said:

    This is more acceptable than Willow chillaxing with a GROWN man. Kylie and Jaden are in the same peer circle.
    What 20 yr old wants to hang with a 13 yr old despite being family friends… not normal

  14. nancy Said:

    yeah ooohh so bad BULLSHIT all of you judging are judging because of a reason and thats because you all did it at one point and time and you know or think you know what happens there but is seriously no one going to say anything about the other knee there to the side they were obviously not alone…

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