Kylie Jenner’s $125K Sweet 16 Present

Remember when I first introduced you to Rich Kids of Instagram, darlings? Well, I’m starting to think Kylie Jenner was a founding member of the club… She and the other members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan aren’t shy about photo humblebrags, but this latest round of pics might be up there with the most obnoxious:

kylie jenner Mercedes-Benz SUV



kardashian suvs


The newly-crowned 16-year-old showed off her sweet 16 present, a $125K Mercedes-Benz SUV, which seems like it would be more useful in a war-zone than driving around town (although I guess Hollywood is considered a disaster area compared to the Upper East Side — I kid, kind of…)

But Kylie isn’t the only one who can call that vehicle hers. She and Kendall both posted pics of the family collection of matching SUVs. How cute is that?

Would you want to drive around town in one of those, or would you prefer to have your own town car and driver (like I did) at 16? Tell me in a comment below!



  1. Kevin1 Said:

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  2. Stasey Said:

    Wernt you Dan Humpries, you didn’t have a town car and driver at 16…. smh…

  3. Mrinalini Said:

    I’d rather use that money to feed a thousand hungry families in a poverty stricken country

  4. Marcie Said:

    Uhm Town Car duhh it’s way more classy

  5. leila franco Said:

    Super easy to say that u would use the money to feed the hunger when its not your money.
    Let the girl have a car, ur just jealous cause she can, and u cant.
    Get out of the internet, get a job, and maybe one day you will have the money to buy a car like that, or you will give it away.

    Ps: if you actually wanted to help, you can donate any amount of money, or, even better, you could donate your time to reach out to people in need, instead of judging others online.

  6. Farah Said:

    Guys chill its not like 125K is a lot of money.

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