Hot Mess: Kylie Jenner’s Blonde Streak

Spotted: Kylie Jenner showing off her newly dyed hair, although from the looks of it, she wasn’t quite ready to make a full commitment. During a recent shopping trip, the ‘lil Kardashian wore her hair in a high messy bun revealing a large blonde streak under her brunette locks:

I am not a fan of this look, darlings. It’s something you’d see on the Jersey Shore, not the Upper East Side. As I always say, if you’re keen on color blocking, stick to bags and shift dresses–not your hair.

Do you agree with me, minions? Or, do you think it’s kind of fun to have those discrete streaks that only come out when you’re feeling daring? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO

Kylie Jenner out and about in Calabasas



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  1. Jax Said:

    I’m not a fan of it either but two toned is more fun. I do black underneath my fiery red. Intense, but well received.

  2. Maxime Said:

    I like her edgy style! She always does her own thing and I absolutely love it

  3. Victoria Said:

    She’s probably done the underneath of my hair although not too much of a fan when it’s in a updo style. She’s beautiful and probably could pull off anything.

  4. Sophie Said:

    No offense but dark with a light stripe? She looks like a skunk…

  5. Bri Said:

    She’s 16. Give her a break.

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