Kylie Jenner: My Family Hates My Hair!

As you know, Kylie Jenner, in what I assume was a desperate (and failed) attempt to take the attention away from her gorgeous big sis Kendall, went and dyed her hair blue. Her family, not surprisingly, was not amused…

“One day I was just like, ‘I’m going blue,’” Kylie admitted. “They’re all really pissed. My mom was like, ‘You look like a Skittle.’ I was like, ‘I’m gonna have this for two years now that you said that.’”

kylie jenner


Oh Kylie, if only it was just your family who hated your dip-dyed blue hair! But I’m afraid it’s me too, plus millions of other It Girls around the nation. It’s not that I’m against punky shades or that it’s unflattering, but I just think that wearing this style for more than a week is a bit lame. This is the kind of “OMFG look at me!” ‘do perfect for a party or wild night out–and that’s it. But to tromp around Paris and Florence–two of the most elegant cities in the world–looking like you got into a canister of Blue Razz Kool-Aid isn’t chic, it’s tacky.

But then again, maybe this look will totally throw off the aesthetic of Kim’s wedding and thus ruin the whole affair.

Carry on, Kylie.

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  1. Ruby Said:

    Everything about her is annoying. Her face.. I can’t even! And tbh that edgy blue hair looks good on few models. But def not her! Fail.

  2. mafe Said:

    I actually like it

  3. Said:

    GG you need to stfu, her hair looks fine! her sisters all look the same,and that’s lame, she actually has style, and likes to try something different! GG you can get annoying sometimes,its time to grow up. you know you love me..xoxoxo lmafo.

  4. Alexandra Said:

    she sucks

  5. Izzy Said:

    I really like it. I think she looks wonderful.

  6. no Said:

    i don’t mind it, i mean it’s her hair but i don’t think its nice for the wedding. i think she’s gonna regret that in a few years and its gonna make kimye’s im sure fabulous wedding a bit tacky. but other that that its okay! she should be able to do whatever she wants. although i did laugh at Kris Jenner’s comment about her looking like a skittle. hahaha

  7. kylie Said:

    she’s pretty, i’ll give her that. but i feel like lately she’s only had fashion/beauty missteps. and even though she’s gorgeous, she needs to stop with the unflattering hair & clothes

  8. Anon Said:

    Why are you being so mean to her? There’s giving an opinion and then there’s being just horrible and you are doing the latter. Remember how young she is and how easy it is for her to be influenced by horrible things she reads about herself – especially when she comes from the Kardash family.

    You need to grow up GG, this is a pathetic ‘article’

  9. jade Said:

    I mean she’s pretty but she’s just not getting as much attention as Kendall, her gorgeous model sister. So she dyed it blue! I don’t like it or her style lately. I don’t know what she’s doing. I like Kendall way more and Kendall actually does stuff with her fame.. Like modeling and what not. She cares. Kylie just spends money and hangs with her friends.

  10. Catherine Said:

    She looks amazing, but to haters you hv to remember that she is related to the Kardashians. All she did was die her hair, not have plastic surgery like every one else in her family. There is hope for the future people in the family!!!!

  11. Natasha Said:

    That’s stupid she looks really gorgeous with it and has the face for it. If her family can’t support turn Fuck them. Kylie its your life not theirs do whatever you want live life cuz you only got one

  12. Renee Said:

    When I read “blue period” in the title of this post I almost thought that there was a somewhat smart writer behind these articles. Then I remembered that you are making fun a kid. Loser. Maybe she just wanted blue hair like every other teenager? Why does it have to be about her being jealous? This “blog” isn’t chic, it’s tacky…

  13. Noname Said:

    Tbh I really like her hair although she does absolutely nothing to appear everywhere in magazines

  14. Kyle Said:

    Who wouldn’t?

  15. carrot Said:

    are you serious.. her hair is awesome and she looks even more amazing than many people i know think so, your wrong GG

  16. reana Said:

    I like it and I’m going to do the same to my hair. …

  17. Britney Said:

    Get over it! She’s young, she wants to experiment with looks! I understand she now has to be in all the wedding photos, but it’s her choice of looks and it will be her that will be looking at it going “what was I thinking?” if she decides she regrets it. Kim will just have to not be a drama queen about it.
    I dyed my hair bright purple “when in Rome” and traveled around Florence and Paris, and the Italian and French men loved it!

  18. Eliana Said:

    I LOVE HER HAIR. She looks punk and everyone complaining she always looks much older than she is, so this is just perfect for her age!

  19. Marzia Said:

    I love it! Would absolutely do it myself :D

  20. Her_hair_is_awesome Said:

    Her hair is awesome and so is she,stop hating !

  21. Sigt Said:

    I think she always loks stunning, she’s so free and fun and not afraid of trying new things, and that for me in a celebrity is more inspiring then looking like the media wants you too. You go Kylie!!
    And please take consideration to the fact that she is only 16. This is not a good article, it is just you pointing your finger at what she is and saying it’s ugly, that is very cruel and unnessisary.

  22. Lara Jon Said:

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  23. sam Said:

    I like her hair,mine is also colored purple and I have had it for several years,my family hates it but my husband and son say they would be lost it I changed it. You go girl your just being different

  24. Ever Said:

    I think she looks nice. All of her sisters look alike, its good that she wants to look different.

  25. Ion Racer Said:

    She’s just trying to make her own statement as to who she is. It’s a nice look for her. Some people say kendall is prettier, but she’s just a different kind of pretty. Carry on kylie, blue looks great on you. Please dont succumb to all the ridiculous bs your “sisters” are famous for. Do what you can to help others. That’s what it means to be human….beautiful or not….

  26. Musikonica Said:

    It’s good to see the gossip media is still hard at work at bringing girls self esteem down when they do what they want to do.

    I’m sure the writer of this article is nothing much to look at. No picture of the writer, no actual name (“Gossip Girl”)… And the b!tchy ‘Ew, look at her hair’ attitude. Yeah, the writer must be feeling incredibly perfect.

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  28. Lucia Said:


  29. sanna Said:

    Jheeze y’all need to stfu the girl is 16!!! She can do whatever the fuck she wants!! & + she can pull off anything.

  30. Indi Said:

    I absolutely adore her hair like this! the colouring is amazing and she suits it so much! i don’t understand you’re all hating on her so dramatically its a hair colouring for goodness sake not plastic surgery.

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