Cute or Ew: A Lady Gaga & Britney Spears Duet

Some things make delightful combinations: Tattinger and caviar, Loubs and a Birkin, Nutella and, well, everything. But others do not. And upon hearing the news that a Lady Gaga and Britney Spears duet is on the horizon, with sources claiming it’ll “happen soon,” I’m wondering which category it falls into.

britney spears lady gaga


Evidently Gaga was totes smitten with Brit-Brit’s Vegas show and is keen on getting together in the studio, but I can’t imagine why. Gaga, while bizarre and irksome at times, has a killer voice, but Britney? Not so much. And Gaga can dance. Britney? Not so much anymore. In fact, I can’t imagine what Brit will bring to the table. She’s not even a songwriter!

Personally, I don’t see the need for an LG/BS collabo, do you? But I suppose their mutual audiences–drag queens and awkward teenagers–would just explode with delight should it hit iTunes.

What’s your thought on this diva duet? Totes cute or majorly ew?


  1. Mjess Said:

    I believe Britney should be honest with herself and retire… her shows and voice are getting every minute worse… Gaga is a strong artist,and i think she´s giving brit a hand to do something interesting, but still. I used to be a Brit-fan but after her show, gosh se didn´t event speak.

  2. Sasha Said:

    Nothing, no one, not even you beats Britney Spears. She’s legendary. Duh??

  3. Liam Said:

    Although Britney is not as amazing as she once was (yes, she was amazing back in the day. She used her voice very well during her first few years…and she was an amazing dancer), she is still much more superior than Gaga. There is a reason why she’s lasted over 10 years in the business, meanwhile Lady Gaga is already struggling to stay relevant.

  4. fede Said:

    you should know what you’re saying before you speak.. britney can still dance, way better than gaga, look her performances from pieco of me show of Me against the music, gimme more, break the ice and work bitch!!!! And BRITNEY WROTE EVERY FUCKING SONG from her last album britney jean and you should listen to it before saying she can’t sing!!!!

  5. Claudia Said:

    Britney is an amazing dancer and singer. That evil bitch Gaga can learn from her. Britney has gone through a lot and she still made it in the world of fame. Thumbs up to Britney.

  6. Amanda Said:

    Britney Spears was and still is one of the most influential pop artist ever. Lady Gaga is a fantastic artist and is very much so taking over the pop world. GAGA is in her 20’s and Brit is in her 30’s so of course her dancing has dulled down. FYI Britney Spears does write songs as well, she wrote someday i will understand by herself and one of her most biggest songs EVER Everytime with her backup singer in a hotel room after the breakup with JT. She has over a decade of experience.gaga loves it

  7. Jet Vellinga Said:

    If I remember correctly, Gaga has written some hit soongs for Britney in the past (If U Seek Amy, for example). So I don’t find this collab weird at all! Also, it might help Britney to drag out her carreerfrom the black hole it is in now..

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  9. Charlieeee Said:

    Britney wrote every song in britney jean??? Puh-lease!! Lol! Those songs are written like by five people at the same time. Gaga on the other hand…

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