WTFashion!? Lady Gaga Sports the Most Ridiculous Outfit EVER

Why did Lady Gaga cross the road?

So that more people could see her in this ridiculous chicken mask, of course… I spied LG walking out of her hotel in Berlin wearing quite possibly the most cuckoo headpiece ever:

Lady Gaga leaving Ritz Carlton Hotel


The Lady was out and about, clucking posing with fans and promoting her new album ARTPOP. Besides the feathered headpiece, she also donned a yellow coat-dress, fur coat, and monster black heels. My official verdict? A squawking hot mess.

Darlings, I think it’s time for my favorite game–Caption This! Leave your most witty one-liners to describe this outfit in a comment below. The most cackle-inducing one wins. XOXO

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  1. Kass Said:

    Duck and cover, Gaga is on the loose

  2. Emily Said:

    Very Chick or Very ick?

  3. niyah Said:

    She looks like marceline’s dad from adventure

  4. Marie Said:

    Why is she wearing a hash brown on her head?

  5. yolie Said:

    she finally cooked her meat costume who knew it was chicken?

  6. Star Said:

    WOW!!! Really?!? >.>

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