WTF Alert: Lady Gaga’s New Cover Art For “Dope”

Gremlin teeth…bruised crotch…one boot missing–my my, Little Monsters, isn’t your idol Lady Gaga looking lovely on the cover of her new single, “Dope”!

lady gaga dope


I’ll admit, her abs look fab in this pic, but other than that, the entire thing gives me the creeps–more so than her antics usually do. The boxy jacket, my hipster minion tells me, is reminiscent of an old Talking Heads album, Stop Making Sense.┬áThis isn’t the first time Gaga has, shall we say, “borrowed” from other tastemakers, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Mother Monster tweeted deets of the song’s release: “Dope will be available 12:01am local time Nov 4th,” she wrote. “Final song available for purchase before ARTPOP release Nov 11.”

So far, there doesn’t seem to be much of a pattern between the cover art for the ARTPOP singles she’s released–can you get a read on the theme of this album based on her singles? Or will it be just as delightfully random as LG herself?


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  1. Caption PR Said:

    Hat by Ukrainian designer Ksenia Schnaider (

  2. Morghan Said:

    freaky outfits getting weirder and scarier

  3. lynne Said:


  4. Jenn Said:

    She really does look creepy..but this is part of her charm so no critics about this.Only that horible box jacket.Weird!

  5. Gilding Primal Instinct Said:

    Gaga’s grill is actually a bracelet made by NYC jewelry brand Gilding Primal Instinct-

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