Lady Gaga’s Ice Bucket Challenge Video Is What Nightmares Are Made Of…

Another day, another celeb trying to upstage everyone else in their Ice Bucket Challenge video. Lady Gaga is among the latest to attempt a unique pour, but instead of making a fun, upbeat vid to raise awareness and money for ALS research, Gaga had to go and be Gaga, creating an ultra odd–and frankly a little scary–performance piece.

While some celebs decided to go completely naked for this challenge, LG went for more of a dominatrix look, wearing a studded cutout leotard as she dumped a silver bowl of ice water over herself.

And wow, doesn’t she just look thrilled to be participating in this cause? Gaga captioned the pic nominating Adele, Michael Rapino, Vincent Herbert, and Arthur Fogel, adding the ever-so-humble hashtag “#RichPeople.”

This video makes me want to donate more money to get it off my screen. But I suppose everyone has their own way of promoting the cause. I personally loved Charlie Sheen’s video. A man who finds a way to stay dry and instead gets to stand under a bucket of falling money is a man after my own heart (only in that sense of course.)

Which celeb’s Ice Bucket Challenge vid is your favorite? Tell me in a comment below! XOXO

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