Lady Gaga Throws Shade at Katy Perry on Twitter

Lady Gaga seems to disagree with the old adage that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I do too–Cartier jewelry is obviously a better form, but I digress. Gaga took to Twitter to throw some major shade at Katy Perry, who kicked off her Prismatic tour just this week, stepping out on stage with green hair atop a mechanical horse.

lady gaga


Gaga, as you’ll remember, turned up to the American Music Awards last year on a mechanical horse and is now peeved that Katy is stealing her move.

lady gaga


But IMO, Mother Monster needs to sit down. She isn’t exactly the queen of original ideas. Over the years she’s been accused of copying Madonna on “Born This Way,” (and in “Applause,” which sounds similar to Madge’s “Girl Gone Wild”) a band called The Deep on “Do What U Want,” her “Applause” cover art was, ahem, inspired, by an old David Bowie album, and Rolling Stone magazine pointed out that Gaga’s window displays at Barney’s look an awful lot like those of French artist Colette in the 70s.

So Gaga, maybe pause before you throw tweets from glass houses. Or do you think that LG was right to call out KP as a copycat?

Katy Perry at MOCA Celebrates 35th Anniversary Gala

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  1. Staci Said:

    Sit down LG

  2. Katherin Said:

    In Lady Gaga’s last concert she entered the stage atop a big black mechanical horse, maybe that’s why..

  3. Lauren Said:

    seriously, LG should be flattered if that’s thaw case… wasn’t she all for ‘supporting one another as artists’?

  4. UOENO Said:

    Preach GossipGirl. I totally 100% agree with everything you just said. And couldn’t have said it better myself. Lady Gaga isnt original at all. In short terms, i think gaga’s a phoney and the only reason shes famous is for her crazy stunts

  5. andy Said:

    LG is completely accurate. Katy Perry has copied Brave to a tee, copied LD’s hair and props, and copied Foxes music video in her interlude for prismatic tour. Plus more. I think Gaga doesn’t copy but gets inspired by something. She reinvents the past when Katy just resells the idea like a generic China prom dress.

  6. Ella Said:

    Don’t just sit down LG, fuck off. And pls stop stripping off on-stage.

    No-one, I repeat, no-one wants to see that.

  7. Jay.P Okello Said:

    Gaga simply sit down! yo timez up! let katty shine.

  8. Louis Said:

    I think Katy had enough time to “shine” as she’s been in this business longer than Gaga lol.
    Maybe Gaga is just stating an observation she made

  9. Lexi Said:

    Katy Perry obviously used the horse during her song dark HORSE. Plus she has always dyed her hair different colors, so wearing a green wig shouldn’t be looked at as copying.

  10. John Smith Said:

    We all copy from the stars before our time.So Gaga be happy that she is imitating the style you copied from Sher/Madonna.I am not a fan of hers but give her a chance to figure out a new act.She is not as creative as you are,so help her out.Peace

  11. Vikki Burtonile Said:

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  12. Kaylee Rose Said:

    Disclaimer: I think Katy is one of the most beautiful people ever and I admit to having a girl crush on her, so I may be biased.

    What is so original about entering somewhere riding a horse? Even the Trojans did it. If Katy came in riding a horse and was covered in bacon, then she may have something to talk about. I think LGG should get off her high horse about this one.

  13. Théo Said:

    Disagree, Katy doesn’t have any personnality while Lady Gaga isoriginal creative artistic, maybe she’s not too beautiful or too skinny but she’s talented unlike Katy Perry or Miley who’s only a fad even if she sings well….

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