Lady Gaga Lands In The Hospital

Being Mother Monster is not without its hazards. Lady Gaga landed herself in the hospital in Denver for altitude sickness following her latest stop on her ArtRave tour. And of course she posted about it on Instagram. Because of course.


I have a real problem with hospital selfies. IMO, on the scale of tackiness, they rank just below a funeral selfie and just above un-ironically using the hashtag #blessed. Why, if you’re well enough to be selecting a filter, do you really need to be in the ER? But I’m sure I’m just being cynical, my dears–you know Gaga would never dream of exaggerating something minor just for attention…

Do you think that LG needs to scale back her tour schedule–or at least stick to lower altitudes? Or do you think she was secretly all too eager to receive a little public pity?


  1. Iris reesey Said:

    Well well well….just another gaga drama! Lol sorry though

  2. Jon Said:

    The simple mask is upside down.

  3. Musikonica Said:

    Pull the plug.

  4. shiree Said:

    You know, I spent months in the hospital because of an incurable autoimmune disease that almost killed me. I took hospital selfies. I did not post them. I took them for myself. I look back at them now back to health, and I think “wow, look how far I came”. However, on the support groups for other young people who have serious medical conditions, we post these photos to show that we have all been through a lot. Gaga does have Lupus, another incurable autoimmune disease.

  5. shiree Said:

    ( my last comment was cut off) She has probably been through a lot with her illness. Cut her a break. You have probably never been though a serious medical condition so you ahve no fucking clue, and should shut the fuck up. I am not a fan of Gaga, but you clearly have no idea what it is like to really suffer from health issues.

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