Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan and Lana Del Ray’s Slumber Party

Girls just want to have fun? Apparently Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, and Lana Del Ray wanted to revert back to their high school days and pulled a party idea straight from Queen B’s legendary fetes. My spies told me the three booked a room at LA’s Château Marmont hotel, and then spent the night in a real-life movie montage of watching old flicks, playing board games, and dressing up and modeling different outfits.

I can only see how Truth or Dare would go down with these three: “Lindz, is it true that you’re a crazy bitch?… “Gaga, I dare you to wear something from the Gap…” Lana Del Ray yawns in the background…. Giggles… LOLz… Pillow fight… And scene!

Lady Gaga Lindsay Lohan





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