Lady Gaga Moves In With Taylor Kinney!

Mother Monster is ready to play house with Mister Monster! Lady Gaga and boyfriend Taylor Kinney are shacking up together in their very own love nest in Chicago, where Tay film his show Chicago Fire. Sources tell me that Gaga, who mostly lives out of hotels (it sounds chic but you can only get so excited about mini Bvlgari soaps) wanted a place that the pair could call their own.

But don’t expect a lavish and bizarre mansion. I hear that they’re opting for a condo instead, but I’m sure LG will find a way to make it tres unique (aka bizarre).

lady gaga taylor kinney


But that’s not all, Little Monsters. My spy also hints that the pair got engaged over the holidays during a visit to Taylor’s Amish-riddled hometown of Lancaster, PA! Even crazier, Gaga got the seal of approval from Tay’s mom…with one little caveat:

“Taylor’s family loves Gaga and his mom always reminds him she wants grandkids badly!”

Could we soon be hearing wedding bells and the pitter patter of wee monster feet?



  1. Andra Said:

    I fucking hate it when parents tell their kids that they want grandchilds,wtf is your problem anyway

  2. Wendy Said:

    I hope this story is true! They have been together over 2 years! They could have a long engagement. I think babies will come before the marriage.

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