Lady Gaga Will Perform From Space

Lady Gaga‘s head seems to be in space lately, so it’s definitely not surprising that she’s preparing her whole body to be there soon enough too. I’m hearing that LG is set to travel on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic in 2015 and is scheduled to perform a song while she’s in the atmosphere.

Lady Gaga leaving her hotel


According to a source, LG will have to go through about a month of vocal training so that she’ll be prepared, and just in case there are any glitches with the travel, they will hopefully have worked them out in the six months prior to Gaga’s trip (sorry early birds!) A source close to the singer adds that she has taken out a ridiculous life-insurance policy if anything were to happen while she was out there. Phew!

Gaga’s performance will be beamed from space to the Zero G Colony jamboree–a nerd convention high-tech festival in New Mexico.

Other celebs who have signed up for a space trip on Virgin Galactic include Justin Bieber, Brad Pitt, Angelia Jolie, and Ashton Kutcher. Want to get in on the action? The ticket prices are actually reasonable, dolls: only $250K per person. While I could easily afford this, I’m planning on waiting it out for now. I’d rather make upgrades to my penthouse, private jet, and Louboutin collection while they’re still working out the kinks. But does this sound like something you’d be into? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO


  1. Cynthia Said:

    Wow…….can you imagine being stuck I outer space with lady gaga? Then ad “the Biebs” and other celebs… thank you. I think I will keep my feet firmly on earth soil….at least for now.

  2. Jane Said:

    OMG!!! Is she insane? Honestly, she can’t be seriouse! I would never risk my life just to perform a song from space. I have no words for it…

  3. Zoey Said:

    yeah right, paying 250k to be stuck in space with justin ”i’m only famous because of my hair and my girl voice”, brad ”chanel” pitt and his wife ”botox face”, and…… well i don’t really know what to say about gaga. no thank you

  4. psychokiller Said:

    That’s dedication. And unlike Bieber, Lady Gaga is actually talented. I hope that her performance on space won’t be awful though. I’m kind of disappointed with her album. It’s boring.

  5. Kim Loral Said:

    Lady Gaga is again gaining momentum after Applause crash. I got this news from:

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