Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney’s Italian Wedding?

Venice, Italy has never been my cup of tea, darlings. It’s smelly, windy and full of pigeons. Come to think of it, Venice, California isn’t so different. Anyway. in spite of all these molto malo considerations, I hear that Lady Gaga has her heart set on tying the knot with beau Taylor Kinney in the romantic Italian citta. 

In fact, she’s invited all of T’s extended family to come join her in Venice next month after her concerto in Milan so that they can all peruse prospective venues.

Well well, looks like LG has it all figured out. Just one thing missing…a proposal. You know what they say, Gaga–you can lead a man to the chapel but you can’t make him wed…XOXO.

Lady Gaga in wedding dress






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