WTF Alert: Lady Gaga’s Vomit Performance Art

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Good morning Upper East Siders… I hesitated kicking today’s gossip off with this one, especially if the majority of you have just finished eating breakfast, but I couldn’t hold back from writing this horror story immediately.

One of my music-loving minions is down in Austin right now for South By Southwest and had the most disgusting report for me from Lady Gaga‘s concert last night. It seems as though LG is gunning for the world’s most revolting performer and invited a “vomit painter” to join her on stage. The girl, Millie Brown, drank some neon green milk and forced herself to throw up on Gaga as the singer performed “Swine.”

How’s everyone feeling? Do I still have you? Okay, good….

So apparently this girl does this a lot. She usually does this on canvas, but she’s also done it before with Lady Gaga in this video. However, the idea of seeing it live is absolutely revolting. Needless to say, my minion will never be the same again.

Tell me dear readers, are you as appalled by this as I am, or is art–no matter how it’s made (ick)–always art?

PS- if you have any desire to see the vomit painter in action last night, check out the video below (starting at the 2:00 mark).

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  1. melannie Said:

    That’s revolting and nasty and all kinds of horrible.

  2. ram Said:

    That’s totally disgusting!!! O_o

  3. psychokiller Said:

    That’s just sick and horrible.

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