Feud Alert! Lady Gaga vs. Cameron Diaz

Note to self: don’t get between Mother Monster and her man. I hear that Lady Gaga is growling that her boyfriend Taylor Kinney is developing quite a close “friendship” with Cameron Diaz, with whom he stars in the upcoming (and appropriately named) movie The Other Woman. 

“Cameron and Taylor have been seen in cafes and went out for dinner,” tattles an insider, noting that the pair isn’t just palling around in the name of work, but off the set as well. “They were joined at the hip at a drinks party for Kate Upton’s birthday.”

Uh oh, little monsters. Could Gaga have something to worry about? Showmances are nothing new, you know, and Cam seems to be one of these “Peter Pan” type girls who thinks that she’s forever young and can seduce anyone with her goofy “just one of the guys” charm. Cam, you’re 40. Put it away and find a fellow your own age.

Girls, what should Gaga do to make sure T is focused squarely on her? Or will Taylor fall under quirky Cameron’s cougar spell?

Lady Gaga leaving her London hotel dressed as a statue



  1. Queen D. Said:

    Hell no! Gaga is queen.

  2. psycho killer Said:

    She should release artpop.

  3. Titanicology Said:

    It’s his loss if he breaks up with Gaga.

  4. Melanie Said:

    Gaga has nothing to worry about!:-)

  5. vera Said:

    gaga has nothing to worry about he will lose and cry someday

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