Battle of the Bizarre VMA Performances: Lady Gaga Vs. Miley Cyrus

There was a feud brewing during last night’s VMAs, and no, I’m not talking about the one with Taylor Swift and Harry Styles or Rihanna and Drake. This one wasn’t necessarily apparent at first glance, but in hindsight, you could see it unfolding right before your eyes.

The battlers? Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus… both dared to shock us with their performances. First up was LG, who opened the show filling the screen with a white blockhead costume of some sort:


Lady Gaga MTV VMAs



Did anyone else think for a second the camera was going to pan out and reveal her in a costume similar to the famous Justin Timberlake skits on SNL? I was just waiting for her to open with: “Bring it on down to VMA-ville!”

But she didn’t do that… Instead LG proceeded to change outfits quicker than I can in that amount of time in the Bergdorf dressing room. Props to her!

Then, of course it was Miley’s turn to take the stage. Her performance had a teddy bear theme, but it was anything but sweet and innocent…(Also MC, didn’t we have that talk about your tongue?)

And things got super uncomfortable when Robin Thicke joined her on stage and let her cross those blurred lines:

I thought the reactions of the celebrities in the audience were great, but what I really wanted to see was Liam Hemsworth‘s face… now that would have been fun.



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  1. Christiana Said:

    I loved Lady Gaga’s performance and I got sick looking at Miley Cyrus, it was waaaaay over the top and crazy and the tongue thing she does!? Bleah!

  2. lacey Said:

    I absolutely loved Lady Gaga’s performance. Miley’s was just disgusting.And the celebrities’ reactions to her performance were priceless!

  3. Emily Said:

    Gaga did good, it was deff strange but a completely different strange than Miley. Gaga preformed good and opened the show with a good performance but Miley relied mostly on shaking her body and being provocative where as Gaga relies more on weird concepts (Her last outfit was very reveling though but you get what I mean) So I deff thought Miley was weirder this time.

  4. Julie Said:

    I actually loved LG’s performance! I’m not a big fan and she’s never been my type of person but she killed it.. Miley on the other hand made me sick! she’s trying to hard..

  5. Danielle Said:

    I am the first one to love Miley, but come on, have some class! Gaga goes for more of a weird artsy vibe where as Miley is trying to shock everyone in the wrong way. We get it, you don’t want to be a Disney kid-now go put some clothes on.

  6. Bri Said:

    Gaga was great, and can actually sing! Miley needs to put her tongue in her mouth and realize that she’s not black.

  7. tresor Said:

    Miley Cyrus was just disgusting.
    I was wandering “Damn, what am I looking at right now !!!!O.O !”

  8. K Said:

    Miley is just plain offensive. Can’t wait to see how she explains that behavior in 10 years.

  9. Isabelle Said:

    Both performances where beyond weird, but Lady Gaga’s was actually cool, Miley’s was disgusting, terrible!!! Seriously Miley gross!

  10. s Said:

    That looks like one of the least strange performances LG has given. Whacky or not, that woman can sing (is it me, or does she actually sound better live without all the electronic stuff that everyone else uses to mask their lack of talents?). That gif of Miley is going to give me nightmares. Begin Britney-esque meltdown in 3…2…1…

  11. David Said:

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  12. B Said:

    Miley needs to get her life sorted out. Doing all that made her seem pathetic.

  13. Shirley Said:

    Miley has crossed the line and ruined her reputation. If she was looking for attention, she got it. However, it’s 99% negative.

  14. BG Said:

    Lady Gaga’s had an odd start but Miley looked like she just fired her stylist, choreographer, publicist and everyone else whose job it is to give her any guidance right before going on stage! That was disgusting and low rent but a perfect compliment to really terrible song. PUT YOUR TONGUE AWAY, it makes you look ugly. Not that I think she was particularly well blessed int the looks department.

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