Awkward! Lamar Odom Denied At Nightclub Where Khloe Kardashian Was Inside

When it comes to nightclubs, darlings, you’re either in or your out, and it looks like Lamar Odom has been demoted to the latter. I hear that Lam Lam showed up at West Hollywood Club Penthouse last night but couldn’t get past the doorman. Turns out his ex Khloe Kardashian was inside enjoying the evening with her rumored new beau rapper French Montana, and I imagine the security team was sure some kind of drama would erupt inside if their paths crossed. Because of course it would.

Lamar Odom At LAX


I kind of feel bad for the guy, don’t you? It’s one thing to publicly go through rehab, be fired from your team, and separate from your wife, but throw in being denied from a nightclub and have the whole embarrassing thing caught on camerashudder!

Even Khlo seems to be feeling sorry for her ex. She tweeted the ever-vague-but-we-all-know-what-she’s-talking-about post today, “Still hurts… Maybe it always will.”

Tell me, loves. Do you think Khloe has made the right decision to move on or does the thought of anyone standing outside of a club make your heart sad?

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  1. doris Said:

    I realy wish they could get bak 2geda..I love seeing them 2geda*

  2. Genn Said:

    He made his bed so now he has to lay in it.

  3. Kait Said:

    Well well well what do I spy with my little eye Lamar outside a night club when dealing with rehab, bad mix he should know that naughty naughty boy I guess some people never do really learn , but he has done what he’s done cant change it just live with it oh well life is what you make it as for Khole good for her moving on with her life but don’t have the poor guy standing out side even if he shouldn’t e there ! shaking my had at all of you !!

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