Love or Loathe: Lana Del Rey at the Child of God Premiere

Spotted: Lana Del Rey supporting her possible new crush James Franco at the premiere of his new movie, Child of God. I usually have very few charming things to say about LDR’s style, and this look…

Lane Del Rey "Child Of God" New York Premiere

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

I sort of almost really like. While I am averse to below-the-knee styles on curvy girls and crop-and-skirt combos, I do like her white perforated ensemble. It’s properly fit and well tailored. I also like her cat eye liquid liner and peachy-bronze hue. Why, I don’t even mind her sour, bored expression! I feel much the same way around James Franco.


Those shoes were a mistake. They’re too big, cheap looking and…is that a toe ring?? UGH! Did she just come back from the Gathering of the Juggalos? LDR, please, HEELS. A pair of strappy Grecian-esque sandals would’ve been marvelous. And can we please discuss your hair? I’m all for extensions, but my dear you must get them blended into you hair! This stick-straight clip-in weft looks ridiculously out of place alongside her natural, curlier, darker, real hair.

What’s your verdict on LDR’s style? Is it giving you the summertime sads or is she white haute?


  1. minniexx Said:

    I couldnt agree more on this one gg..

  2. Lydia Said:

    She looks like she got back from her wedding in the seventies if I’m honest.

  3. Chelly Said:

    Holy wow that weft is bad..

  4. Daisy Said:

    her outfit looks perfect until I saw her shoes lol, yup they has got to go

  5. Lilly Said:

    OMG! The extensions on her hair are SOOO noticeable. I like the top… but the under the knees skirt is like she just came back from the 70’s. The shoes look cheap. I like the makeup though…

  6. Adriana Said:

    I actually love it, aside from her hair extentions, i agree they should be more blended with her real hair, the shoes are a mistake but come on, it is Lana! She looks good with anything! Personally love this.!

  7. Gideon Maximus Said:

    Maybe she’s trying to pull off a look here. Think about it. All white ensemble paired with strappy sandals? I mean, she’s at the Child of God premier after all. ;-)

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