Lana Del Rey’s Surprising Sexual Confession

I use the term “surprising” loosely, lambs, because as you know, I don’t put Lana Del Rey and her lip extensions on a pedestal. But I was, shall we say, mildly interested when LDR confessed that her song “F—ed My Way Up to the Top” was only a joke–sort of.

“You know, I have slept with a lot of guys in the industry, but none of them helped me get my record deals,” she told Complex magazine. “Which is annoying.”

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Ugh, tell me about it. I cannot tell you how many Upper East Siders have bedded this Senator or that director in the misguided belief that they’d actually make good on their promises to advance their career, buy them a Birkin or wife them up. Unfortunately these ladies realize that all those honeyed words were only in pursuit of a roll in the hay, and these ungracious gents were never going to help them at all.

Moral of this story? Don’t rely on anyone else–or any of your lady parts–to get you where you want to be. And speaking of bad ideas, LDR also revealed the worst dating advice she ever received was that “love doesn’t come easily and that relationships are supposed to be a struggle.”

Again lambs, so incorrect. Love is very similar to the shoe salon at Bergdorfs: when you find the perfect match you just know and slide effortlessly into a relationship–or a YSL slingback. Fine perhaps my metaphors aren’t flawless, but you know what I mean. If you’re limping along and in pain, the fit is wrong.

Wait…did I just agree with Lana on not one but two points? Ugh darlings, what’s happening to me?

Tell me, what’s the worst bit of dating advice you’ve been told? And are there any celebs out there that you suspect of sleeping their way to the top, or at least trying to anyway?


  1. Lia Said:

    It’s disgusting how the only thing you had to comment from her latest interviews was the ‘sexual confession’.
    And it’s even worse that you don’t even comment about her MUSIC. Like… the interviews, when in comes to artists(and yes, I allow myself to call Del Rey an artist) should be about understanding the work better. In this case, the lyrics, the feelings Lana transmits.
    It’s scary how the only important subjects lately are sex, ‘fashion’, dating and money.

  2. Lia Said:

    Also, I’d like to say that relationships do need work. You DO need to care and always be in touch with the other person but without suffocating them or not giving them some privacy. And it is a struggle to find that ballance. You don’t just find your “chosen one” and then BAM, live a wonderful life together. You need to see that the other cares, otherwise, it’s just not a happy and healthy relationship. And it also must be the same to the other. It’s work. It’s not magic, but it feels like it.

  3. mireia Said:

    @Lia this is a gossip web, not a music related site. If you want to read about music go to other webistes. Thank you

  4. Lia Said:

    @mireia This is the problem lately. Everyone cares abou “gossip”. And some of those women except respect! With these commentaries and these standards? What is this world, bulidabit* Everything you care about is make-up, relationships, clothes and men! And you call yourselves feminists?! Or at least say you have self respect? Oh cut it off,maybe if one day you’ll catch your child sticking their fingers down their throat you’ll realize what kind of world we live in!!

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