Will Lauren Conrad’s Wedding Be On MTV?

Professional lovely-but-boring person Lauren Conrad is engaged to boring-but-professional person, law student William Tell, but before you send out invites to have your minions over for an LC wedding special viewing party, I have some rather tragic news for you: Lauren has said “thanks but no thanks” to MTV’s offer to televise her wedding.


Lauren Conrad


The Hills starlet is reportedly totes oves reality TV and not even MTV’s $500,000 offer could tempt her to return, says my insider at Star magazine, while another source is whispering that she may take her newfound love of privacy to the next level…

“She wants to control how information gets out,” whispered LC’s friend. “She’s even thinking of banning cell phones from the ceremony!”

Take it down a notch, Lauren. Isn’t getting attention and trending on Twitter the entire point of a big splashy wedding? Oh and all that “marry the one you love” thing too, or whatever. But one thing I do agree with LC on: no exes–or co-stars–at the wedding!

“Inviting everyone she’s ever worked with is also a no-no–she doesn’t want any drama,” added my insider. In other words, sorry Speidi, looks like you won’t be finding an engraved invite in your mailbox anytime soon, although I do hear that Lo Bosworth will be a bridesmaid.

lauren conrad dating guitarist william tell


Do you think LC is making a big mistake not putting her wedding on TV? Or is it rather refreshing that for once a celeb isn’t desperate to cash in on a life event?


  1. Kelly Said:

    I totally understand her decision, but I would’ve loved to watch her get married! I just know she’ll plan a beautiful wedding.

  2. Hannah P Said:

    I think GG is right, what’s the point in having a big flashy wedding if no-one’s able to take lovely pictures of it?? I respect her not wanting a massive TV crew there but the people invited should be able to take pics!! X

  3. SunKissedMiss02 Said:

    I love that LC isn’t televising the event. However, I would love to see her feature a few sneak peeks or latergrams on her site afterword.

  4. Shelley J Said:

    Good for her. Reality TV breaks up couples!!

  5. Brittney K Said:

    As much as it bums me out I won’t get to watch it, it’s her decision and she has the right to privacy. Plus she’ll put out her own pictures when she’s ready and I bet she’ll be a BEAUTIFUL bride.

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