Lauren Conrad’s Biggest Hair Regret

We all make mistakes, darling. Actually, let me clarify that. I never make mistakes, but others do. And Lauren Conrad is ‘fessing up to a big one that she swears she’ll never make again.

“I’ll never go bob again,” the reality-star-turned-designer revealed to People. If you recall, she chopped off her locks most recently in 2007 and has been growing them out since. As a fan of long hair myself, I love that LC is coming out with this oh-so-important lesson-learned. Perhaps she’ll inspire a pause in the current trend of celebs putting scissors to their gorgeous tresses.

But luckily, those who do insist on trying the #shorthairdontcare look can always do damage control if they loathe the outcome. “I think you can always throw extensions in and have long hair,” Lauren said. “There are options.”

Tell me dolls, have you ever made a bad hair decision? How did you get through it? Spill your secrets in a comment below. XOXO

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  1. layne Said:

    Short hair.

  2. ro Said:

    she is beautiful with short hair too

  3. Andreea Said:

    I had nightmares for 2 years after I went bob from long hair,worst experience in my like. I’ll never repeat that mistake ever again.

  4. Bri Said:

    Worst mistake I ever made was dying my hair red! I am still dealing with the aftermath and trying to get rid of the reddish hue to my hair.

  5. Nicole Said:

    I think she looks great with Short hair! Personally, I don’t think it would ever suit me since my face it too round :(


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