Cute or Ew: Lauren Conrad’s Wedding Playlist

Lauren Conrad is one of those girls who’s hard to hate because she’s so vague and boring, there’s nothing a potential enemy can really latch onto, n’est-ce pas? But I, ever the pioneer, am irked by her for this very reason–she’s so plain and generic, like the blank version of a girl you find up in heaven before personality is added in.

Lauren Conrad Booksigning


And so it was no shock to me that her supposedly ultimate wedding playlist managed to grate my nerves. Check out what LC will be playing at her wedding to William Tell:

  1. Duke Dumont – “I Got U” (feat. Jax Jones)
  2. Gorgon City – “Here For You” (feat. Laura Welsh)
  3. Neon Trees – “Sleeping with a Friend” (ASTR Remix)
  4. Lorde – “Tennis Court” (Flume Remix)
  5. Tov Lo – “Habits”
  6. Parachute Youth – “Can’t Get Better Than This”
  7. Mikky Elko – “Kids” (Oliver Nelson Remix)
  8. Route 94 – “My Love” (feat. Jesse Glynne)
  9. Coldplay – “Midnight” (Giorgio Moroder Remix)
  10. Iggy Azalea – “Fancy” (feat. Charli XCX)

Zzzzzz. Oh sorry darlings, I fell asleep reading this. To me, a reception must feature songs that everyone knows (Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney) and omit any cheesy oldies (aka for old people) or obscure mixes that you can’t actually dance to. I mean…Torv Lo? Oh yeah, everyone’s been singing that song for ages and just waiting to bust a move.

Personally, I’d rather have the Frozen soundtrack playing in the background than any of these too-hipster, too-cool, too-random remixes. But tell me loves, what’s on your fantasy playlist? Is there a song you can’t get enough of this season?


  1. XOXO Said:

    I totally agree with you GG about 1-9 but fancy is amazing

  2. Maka Said:

    It’s not your wedding… you Don’t need to like it ! Your not even invited so go criticize something nobody likes , like paying taxes

  3. melissa Said:

    Sorry but this playlist rocks, the number 4 and 5 are pretty perfect, cant stop listening to them atm

  4. pau Said:

    Your wedding, your choice. Besides, there’s nothing that screams “ordinary” and “plain” as much as Beyonce or Rihanna.

  5. Emma Said:

    I’ve never thought of her as being as boring as you obviously do, but I admit this play list sucks. Way too many new popular songs. There should be more timeless songs, and oldies (not 80s but songs you listened to as a teenager that people remember, like Gwen Stefani, or Kelly Clarkson, or Pink. I think shes trying to hard to make it a party and not a memorable wedding. But whatever, its HER special day.

  6. Emma Said:

    Also someone siad they like these songs ATM, as in AT THIS MOMENT. What about in 6 months when you’ve heard them a million times and its boring. Like I said the music should be more timeless and awesome.

  7. Julia Said:

    Tov Lo is a band.. good try though. I love every song on this playlist!

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