Gossip Girl Wardrobe Intern Lauren Scruggs Engaged to Jason Kennedy

Hear that, Upper East Siders? It’s the sound of wedding bells in the near future. Congratulations are in order for one of Gossip Girl‘s own, Lauren Scruggs–the fashion blogger who interned in the TV show’s wardrobe department. I hear the blonde beauty is set to tie the knot with E! News co-host Jason Kennedy.

The groom-to-be surprised L in Dallas and proposed with tons of tiny candles spelling out “Will You Marry Me?” Not the most original proposal I’ve ever heard of, but definitely not the worst. Check out his scene below and tell me if you would have said yes to this adorable display of affection:

jason kennedy proposal


Join me in raising a glass to these two. They are quite the beautiful pair, aren’t they darlings? Leave your notes of congrats below. XOXO

jason kennedy lauren scruggs



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  1. Staci Said:

    Ughh yess! Too cute & congratulations!!

  2. Catherine Said:

    OMG I can’t blv I’m so happy for someone I don’t know personally but I really like Jason Kennedy as an e-news presenter and thinks he’s a really good guy. Congrats to the happy couple.

    Wish them a blissful marriage :)

  3. Sherry Said:

    Congratulations to the couple,both seem like lovely people! I always watch e news and thought J would be quite the catch. May you both have a blessed life.:-)

  4. K Jackson Said:

    Congrats to them! I followed Lauren’s story online after her tragic accident several years ago.
    Lauren and her family are such an inspiration and so very strong in their faith. Lauren has been on an incredible journey. May these two have a beautiful and blessed life together.

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