OMFGorgeous: Lea Michele’s Sunny Style

I do not care for Lea Michele, as you well know. I find her to be bratty and self-involved, and really, I’ve got enough of that going on for the both of us, darlings. But yet, I can’t help but politely applaud her latest look:

lea michele


The Glee star sported this sunshine yellow two-piece ensemble to the Fox TCAs in LA and while this color would make a pale blonde look like she was dying of tuberculosis, Lea’s olive complexion pulls it off. She’s wise to pair it with a simple white tee and easy shoes, but I would have liked to have seen some sort of jewelry, perhaps an emerald statement earrings or fun headband.

Is this the best you’ve seen Lea look in the last, well… ever? Or should colors this bright stay in a box of highlighters?


  1. ggada Said:

  2. sasya Said:

    meh. the shape of this outfit did nothing to her amazing body (the only good thing about her). and her toes barely fit her shoes..

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