Lea Michele Goes on Bikini Posting Spree

It looks like Lea Michele has taken a page out of Kim Kardashian’s selfie-posting playbook…the back page. Lea, who typically holds a more…ahem…family friendly Instagram presence, has taken to Instagramming photos of her bikini-clad backside while on vacation with new scandalous boyfriend Matthew Paetz. The Glee star has captioned each picture with the beautiful view that she’s taking in (perhaps why she’s so often facing away from the camera?), but it’s not the coastline that really draws the eye…

“Italy”she captioned the first butt shot, which featured a neon orange bikini. “Capri!” she exclaimed over the next shot of her backside, this one a bit more covered with a see-through white “cover-up.”

Not to worry worry: the green bikini would later be revealed with, “The beautiful Amalfi coast!” This shot, the most revealing of them all (so far) shows a lot less bikini, and a lot more Lea. Lea, honey, when we can see tan lines from your other barely-there bikini tan lines expanding well out of an even less-there bikini, it’s time to put the camera down.

My minions vacationing in Positano tell me that when she’s not baring (just about) everything for her growing number of Instagram followers, Lea has been spending a good amount of romantic time with Matthew and visiting family who are based in Italy. She also stopped by the Giffoni Film Festival, where she picked up an award and revealed that she’s planning on working on her second album, a follow up to Loud, within the next couple of months. It sounds like a fabulous vacation, which makes it all the more curious that she’s Kardashian-ing her vacation photo album.

Don’t get me wrong, dolls: Lea and her perfect bikini bod are certainly beach ready. And the Amalfi Coast¬†is¬†beautiful this time of year. It’s just a lot of skin to show on Instagram…or the Internet in general.

Tell me, darlings, what do you think of this newest posting spree? Is it the actions of a carefree woman traveling the world, or the actions of someone who needs to have their camera confiscated? XOXO


  1. Ashleigh Said:

    Damn! Shoot the girl for doing what a lot of female celebrities do why don’t you… why can’t Lea show some backside every now and then? At least it’s tasteful and not tacky. She needs happiness after having a life changing year last year. I think everyone should back off.

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