First Listen: Lea Michele’s New Single “Cannonball”

Young Hollywood can’t get enough of big balls, can they darlings? Miley Cyrus has her “Wrecking Ball” and now little Miss Lea Michele has a new single called, what else, “Cannonball.”

As you know, Lea has been itching to create a music career outside of Glee for some time, but this is the very first snippet we’ve heard and, well, how about you judge for yourself…just this once:

lea michele

The lyrics are a bit generic for me and her voice is much deeper than I’m used to hearing, don’t you agree? And no minions, “Cannonball” isn’t Cory Monteith-inspired–“If You Say So” and “You’re Mine” are the two tunes relating to her and Cory’s star-crossed love affair.

But, this song is catchy, I suppose. It has that rare quality of getting stuck immediately in your head–but then again, so did Rebecca Black’s last song. The track is off her upcoming album, Louder.

Catch “Cannonball” in its entirety on Dec 9 with her first live performance this Thursday, Dec 12, on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Tell me… what do you think of the tune, dolls.


  1. Bri Said:

    Fly like a cannonball? Really? Should be like a bird or a firefly would work too.

  2. Christian Said:

    She has a great voice but I don’t think she should write her own songs.

  3. Emma Said:

    Actually Cannonball was written after Cory’s passing and is a song that deals with the emotions Lea went through after losing him. If you had read the interview with her in Elle magazine you would be aware of that. Also to Christian this was written by Lea and Sia. I think it is great and very relatable.

  4. m Said:

    I don’t fancy this song…

  5. Tiffany Said:

    It’s alright. Not my favorite, but alright. Her voice sounds great, though.

  6. Ellie Said:

    I normally love Lea and I’m so proud of her doing all of this especially after Cory’s death but to be honest I’m not liking this song. The lyrics aren’t the best and, although she can sing beautifully, this song isn’t the right style of music to work with her voice. But this is just my personal opinion and I really do hope it works out for her because she deserves the best XxX

  7. Sandra van Wijk Said:

    No, I’m not a fan, simply because it is not an impressive song and she is not (yet) an impressive singer.

  8. Jane Said:

    I am loving this song ! This is showing real Lea ! She struggled with si much pain in the last few days. Now she found her way to deal with it. And I think that is great. Her voice sound amazing. And song is catchy. Good job, Lea ! Love you lots !

  9. Zonish Said:

    I love Lea and I love this song. She is Amazingly talented.
    Getting goosebumps by listening to this song, cant get it outta my head. This is nerve wrecking. LOVE YOU LEA !!!

  10. Gwen Said:

    Great voice (as usual!) but the song isn’t as nice as it could have been.

  11. Nicole Said:

    What’s with the accent? Odd…. She’s an amazing singer but I don’t see her voice being a fit for pop music. Also, I hate to admit that the song reads as very corny, regardless of the sentiment and intentions behind it. Still love her, but I’m disappointed in this

  12. Gina Said:

    Ugh I wanted this to be a good song, I really did. I don’t think her voice is meant to be singing mediocre pop songs. She is meant to be on broadway. As far as the song goes, I hate it. The lyrics and the lack of notes in general is just really dissapointing. And I love Sia’s music. Bummer.

  13. ohlala Said:

    This song is SHIT!

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