First Listen: Lea Michele’s Song About Cory Monteith

OMG. Get those Hermes handkerchiefs ready, dolls. Lea Michele released her newest song “If You Say So” which was written seven days after her boyfriend Cory Monteith passed away. I sure hope this waterproof mascara really works…here we go:

“I check my phone and wait to hear from you in a crowded room…I thought we would grow old/Mirrors in the smoke/Left me here to choke.” Those lyrics make even my cold heart break for her.

What do you think about this song, loves? Do you think it was more of a tribute to Cory or a catharsis for Lea? Either way, do you like it? Tell me in a comment below! XOXO

Lea Michele ELLE 20th annual Women in Hollywood celebration



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  1. J Said:

    Omg my waterproof mascara didn’t work at all hahah… this is so heartbreaking… you can tell is a song wrote by Lea herself. Don’t you dare to say it’s not. I think it’s a really beautiful tribute to Cory (RIP). Stay strong Lea ♥

  2. Pauline Said:

    I must be tearproof when I listen to Lea Michele… I cried during the whole Glee episode The Quarterback, and not a tear when she appeared. Plus, I find disgusting that she sells a song on Cory Monteith’s death, she (or they ?) uses it as a good opportunity because it makes a good advertisement.

  3. Adinda Said:


  4. Fliss Said:

    Love lea. So talented and so brave.

  5. Amélia Said:

    I’ve never been much of a fan of hers, but I gotta say this song is incredible <3

  6. Elinor Said:

    I love it! It tears my eyes in some parts but it’s really good! <3

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