First Look: Lea Michele’s Sexy Solo Album

Lea Michele trying to look sexy makes me very uncomfortable–I can’t see her as anything other than dorky, retro Rachel Berry. But, LM insists that she is a tigress waiting to break free, and has she has the pictures to prove it.

The Glee starlet is gearing up to release her very first solo album and posted posted a few behind-the-scenes snapshots from the cover shoot:

lea michele


lea michele


This isn’t really working for me, minions. I can feel how hard she’s trying to look fierce, and it’s just tres awkward to look at. I think she’d be better off channeling a fun and flirty persona a la Mariah or Carrie–not Beyonce.

Am I alone on this? Do you think Lea can werk along with the rest of the divas? Or has she hopelessly pigeonholed herself thanks to Glee?

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  1. Luce Said:

    I”m afraid you’re alone on this one.. I for one think she is absolutely gorgeous and she can definitely pull off sexy. These photos are just pure gold.

  2. VZ Said:

    I have to disagree with you.. to me Lea is super sexy and she’s so rocking the Diva look

  3. Joan Said:

    I think you are judging Rachel Berry and not Lea Michelle.. Just because a person is great in one character, doesn’t mean the girl IS the character. Just look at Neil Patrick. He is not a womanizer in reality, he is pretty opposite of Neil actually..
    Brittany aint like that in reality either, she is a normal woman named Heather Morris,

  4. Melissa Said:

    I think she surely can pull the sexy look off. Even in Glee, she had a few scenes which she wore leotards and sang sensually. She has that in her and I for one am with her on this! Can’t wait for the album release!

  5. tara Said:

    Totally disagree! She looks amazing! Completely girl crushing on her right now!

  6. Shaunie O'Connor Said:

    She’s a stunner! Bring on the album release! Just because she portays one character on tv doesn’t mean she will be like that in real life

  7. Melanie Said:

    I think she looks like a man in drag…

  8. Zonish Said:

    Lea Michele is a damn SUPERSTAR, and she carries both the diva and dorky looks flawlessly. GG I’m afraid your alone on this one.

  9. farah Said:

    i’m afraid that i’ve to disagree with you. Lea looks absolutely gorgeous. You’re mistaking her with Rachel Berry. She’s a very talented singer. You can not compare her with Mariah or Beyonce. And yes, she’s a stunning diva.

  10. Helena Said:

    She is annoying, and now she is also trying to be something shes not, which makes her even more annoying. Please go away..

  11. Komi Said:

    her face doesn’t go with her body

  12. Mona Said:

    You are totallly alone on this Lea is so rocking the diva look.

  13. Sarah Said:

    Love her and I think she looks amazing. A million times better than Kesha and look how popular she is.

  14. Jenni Said:

    The first pic is awesome and I can totaly see her werkin it… that second pic hurts, it’s akward and just weird. I don’t like it at all. :-/

  15. Belén Said:

    Her voice goes along perfectly to her absolutely amazing body. Of course she can pull of sexy and fierce

  16. Cassie Said:

    Ah Gossip Girl. You really do have nothing on the TV show. You get it wrong so many times. I’m going to unlike you on Facebook so I don’t get blasted with your crap. Lea looks amazing here and she is fierce. Stop judging someone based on their TV Character. She’s an actor playing a part. She must be doing a fabulous job if you can’t even differentiate between the two anymore.

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