Cute or Ew: Lea Michele’s New Role on Sons of Anarchy

Clearly, when I first heard the news that Lea Michele had landed a role on the upcoming season of Sons of Anarchy, I assumed I was hallucinating. Surely, surely Rachel Berry wasn’t prancing into Charming and sidling up toCharlie Hunnam, aka the true and real Christian Grey, aka Jax Teller. Not my Jax. True, you may not expect me to j’adore SOA but I do and I’m not ashamed to admit it. However, I am disgusted that Lea has landed a part on one of my favorite shows and I demand to know immediately who is responsible for this.

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Apparently, LM will be playing the role of Gertie (good, I’m glad her character has a dreadful name) who is a single mother and truck stop waitress that befriends Jax’s mom, Gemma. And Lea is just delighted over the role, excitedly Tweeting a selfie from the set. So I guess this is actually happening. And it’s more than just a cameo. Le sigh. 


I grudgingly accept that Lea is quite talented, blah blah blah, but she’s just about the last actress I think of when I think of SOA, don’t you agree? But I suppose this will really be the test of her acting range. Do you think Lea can pull off such a gritty role on such a bad ass series? Or will SAMCRO chew her up and spit her back to Lima, Ohio?


  1. Sherry Said:

    Talk about steryotyping. Give the actress a chance to show her range. Who doesn’t love Jax but honesty that is a character not a real person. She will probably surprise everyone.

  2. Sherri Said:

    Quit your whining.. just give her a chance. It’s called acting..

  3. Sherri Said:

    Lol a Sherry and a Sherri…commented….both of us are right you know?

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