First Look: Lea Michele’s New Video “On My Way”

At this point in our relationship, darlings, I think you’re all very well acquainted with how I feel about Lea Michele–let’s just say her invites to my soirees just keep getting “lost in the mail,” whoops!–so I don’t need to blather on about how I only managed to watch 49 seconds of this Coachella-ish video before I was completely overcome with douche chills.

So instead, I’ll just let you feast your eyes on her latest aural offering, which I actually do not hate, and the accompanying video, which I really kind of do dislike….

Make it to second 50? Bravo, lambs! Then please, share your feelings on Lea’s new tune and let me know if you or your friends actually have LM’s music on your iPod or if she hasn’t quite yet cemented herself as a true pop star!

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  1. Jorge Said:

    i feel like ever since Cory died she has been wanting to be a bigger popstar than she was so she has been acting more and more slutty… its a good song but i am not feelin the video

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