Love or Loathe: Lea Michele’s Summer Dress in October

Spotted: Lea Michele at last night’s Elle magazine’s 20 years of Women in Hollywood party, and while many other starlets opted for winter white-ish looks, I’m just not so sure about little Lea’s Calvin Klein dress…

Lea Michele ELLE celebrates the 20th annual Women in Hollywood


This gauzy, ethnic cut-out dress is fab–at a soiree in Cancun in mid-August. But for a red carpet event in October? This feels off season and too summery. I’m also not loving her slicked back hair, a look that makes everyone look like they’re from the future and I do not mean that in a good way. She has such lush locks, it seems a shame to gel them into submission and take away their shine, don’t you think?

What’s your opinion on LM’s latest offering? Totes on trend, or does she need to accept that summer is over?


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  1. Emily Said:

    This dress is wonderful ! I don’t understand why she couldn’t wear it in autumn …

  2. reana Said:

    i think she looks absolutely hideous

  3. Ludmilla Said:

    She’s gorgeous. The dress is amazing on her and her sunny glow only makes the dress even whiter whoch is perfect. She’s perfect. Nothing else to say !

  4. Insider Said:

    Weel I think she looks ravishing! It’s amazing she can put on a smile and get out there! She looks great and though it’s fall it would be a shame not to wear that dress! Even with the cut outs she looks elegant and classy! I think she’s really strong and I’m in disbelief she can do this! I feel really bad for her and think she’s an amazing person. She looks amazing always.

  5. BV Said:

    Love her, love her dress, love the tan, love the shoes but hate the hair. She is way too pretty to wear her hair like that.

  6. Lauren Said:

    This is so disrespectful she has been through a lot! leave her alone!

  7. qml Said:

    Well at least she has good taste in shoes…because the dress is awful for October she must’ve been freezing her arse off! But I agree, her hair is I would’ve went with an updo. That hairstyle could use some serious accessorizing. The dress would’ve been cute if it wasn’t cutout and maybe 2 cm shorter.

  8. QT Said:

    Yes! That dress is definitely not suited for Autumn! If the hem was longer, like a maxi, it would’ve been perfect!

  9. Sarah Z Said:


  10. Tiffany Said:

    The top is horrible.

  11. Jasmina Said:

    at least she’s sporting some kind of a tan with this outfit… although not sure about its appropriateness for the season!

  12. taniya Said:

    the dress is lovely..!!! so is her tan n shoes…though m nt sure whether itz suitable fr autumn…

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