Love or Loathe: Lea Michele’s Daring Dress

Lea Michele really needs to read my posts more often. If she had, maybe she’d be as style savvy as you all are. By now, my faithful little followers, I’ve educated you as to the appropriate attire for various events including galas (ultra fancy), garden parties (flirty dresses), movie premieres (statement-making styles) and music festivals (anything hideous seems to be de rigeur). But what about the strange soirees known as “upfronts”? An upfront is when a network like Fox or NBC gathers together all of its brightest stars and up-and-coming actors to mill around with press and advertisers to chat about their shows. It’s not a boozy, dimly-lit event–more like a daytime business meeting with a crudite buffet and a few mimosas.

My point is: you wear something cute, chic but not too scandalous. It’s morning for goodness sakes. Clearly, Lea did not get the memo, since she turned up to the Fox Upfronts like this…

lea michele


You know darlings, it’s not that I hate her dress or anything about this look–her Blumarine mini is flattering, sexy and perfectly on trend for spring’s bold palette. It would be fab for an awards show (a la J.Lo’s plunging Versace dress of lore) or a Cannes Film Fest after party.

But I’ll be upfront (tee hee!): I hate how hard she’s trying to look sexy. The pose, the face, the over-abundance of skin at 10am–the whole thing just seems to obvious and desperate. We get it Lea, you’re keen to leave goody-goody Rachel Berry behind and be taken seriously as a pop star. I for one will never see you as such, so please put on a cardigan and sit down.

Although, I know you dear readers just love all things Lea Michele, so what’s your take on her look? Cute, yes, but is it approps for such a stuffy corporate event?


  1. ana Said:

    Well…. I think she looks stunning

  2. daniella Said:

    FINALLY! She looks like a slut. And, totally going to be bluntfront, ha that didn’t work as well as I’d like; she’s always going to be Ms. Hudson aka cat lady and reindeer sweater to me. Sit the hell down and Matron broadway, not a brothel. K, thanks.

  3. Joanna-Rafaella Said:

    I actually love her dress

  4. Allison Said:

    She looks hawt, screw you.

  5. chenelle Said:

    Lea always looks amazing, and it’s no different this time. She looks gorgeous :) Also, I disagree that she’s *trying to look sexy*, she has it naturally ! Love her ♥ And I love that dress on her !

  6. christine Said:

    she looks so beautiful and classy. Whoever thinks she’s slutty is just jealous.

  7. Danielleeeee Said:

    I love her dress….it’s gorgeous! I also don’t think it’s slutty. What’s slutty is posting pictures of yourself on instagram or facebook where you clearly just want people to look at your breasts or butt. Her dress here is just gorgeous!!!!! You got it all wrong.

    Good for you Lea, you look gorgeoussssss :)

  8. anns Said:

    but in here she’s stunningggggggggggggg 0.0 the dress looks good on her tbh

  9. Myo Said:

    Her dress is totally cute and sexy, inappropriate timing is different matter :)

  10. littleJ Said:

    um shes perfect and has had a really tough year so it shouldn’t really matter either. she stunning and perfect :)

  11. Jodie Said:

    Maybe not the best look for the event, but I still love the dress on her! She looks amazing!

  12. Alessia Said:

    Anyone who says bad things about Lea’s outfit is jealous. She has an amazing body and she is allowed to show a little skin. She always looks amazing and is most definitely not trying too hard. Instead of putting her down talk about how talented she is.

  13. Elsa Said:

    I just felt in love with her long time ago, no matter what she wears, she’s sexy and confident, her italian blood is probably the reason but I don’t care she’s just more than sexy and more than perfect. #youINMyBedNow

  14. Stephanie Said:

    I think she looks perfect. There has been women who have worn much less but no one gives a damn about them. Lea is wonderful and that is not a bad dress. She’s an actress, she’s not about to dress up in professional clothing. Its not a job interview in the traditional sense so I say if she likes it let her wear it. She’s not trying too hard because she doesn’t HAVE to try. Everyone loves her.

  15. Mia Said:

    i feel like this is slut shaming on lea, honestly i dont really like her but i feel like this is getting out of hand. just because she showed a little skin doesn’t mean she’s trying too hard. well, this society needs to shut up because it’s about time to stop getting prissy at what simple like a dress showing little skin needs to get.

  16. Jay McCanless Said:

    I think it is spectacular, very daring but still acceptable. She didn’t make the dress, a famous designer did, so what would make it worse or better than ay other worn to a function. She is beautiful and talented, she deserves to wear the best.

  17. Gloribel Said:

    she looks really pretty …the cleavage and dress in all doesn’t look tacky or slutty it just looks sexy in a classy way …-.- like if u want to say who’s trying to hard would be MILEY and look at BELLA THORNE…BELLA isn’t even 18 or 17 and she looks older than me especially with the look she coming out in…like do her parents even care lol

  18. Megan Said:

    I think she looks amazing? What is wrong with a ‘lil skin in the mornin’? If it was a deep neck line with a full gown you MIGHT be able to say that its “too sexy for the morning.” In my opinion the short skirt makes it flirty and more appropriate.

  19. LZ Said:

    Whoever wrote this bash article is an idiot. They obviously have never seen Glee or seen any of her past photo shoots or mag covers. She’s sexy as hell and has been. Who cares if she’s showing “too much skin” at 10AM? If Miley can bare all where ever she goes, then why can’t Lea strut what she’s got and perhaps make the corporate event a little less stuffy?

  20. Raina Said:

    :( Why is it so bad? It seems that you take her fashion statement personally. As if it offends you! Why do you hate her for “trying” to be sexy? It doesn’t make your life any better complaining about it. This seems more like you wanted a bunch of her fans coming after you to read your very one-sided blog post or whatever this is. Sorry but approps? That’s not very cute.

  21. Gin Said:


  22. Spencer Said:

    I didn’t know that time of day determines how much skin one can show.

  23. Jaimee Said:

    I think she looks amazing shes not very busty so the plunging neckline is very trendy and she has amazing legs so why not show them off, personally I prefer to balance the plunging neckline with a longer dress but she’s a 10 she’ll look good in anything :)

  24. Queerbee Said:

    Who cares about the dress? I’m more concerned about her face. Looks totally weird…

  25. Lisa Said:

    Why the hell would she define her nose? Lmao

    But she looks gorgeous lml

  26. Katie Said:

    Lea could probably rock anything you threw at her , She’s amazing , I’m not digging the floral pattern Looks like an apron. but either way this is definitely not the most revealing thing she’s ever worn :)

  27. christopher Said:

    she looks go through what she had to go through last year, and to be where she’s at? more power to her! she’s divine!!! :)

  28. reana Said:

    Am I the only person in the world that thinks she is ugly. I don’t find her pretty or sexy or anything. She is one ugly woman and that’s that.

  29. Aisha Calvo Said:

    She looks cute. And obviously she’s not trying hard. She’s 28 years old guys, give her a chance to wear what she wants to!

  30. Jessica Said:

    She definitely does not need to read your posts MORE often, in fact she doesn’t need to read your nonsense at all. It’s idiots like you that are a stain on society. Who the hell are you to say what is appropriate for these events? Or what time skin is ALLOWED to be shown? OR that she should stick to cardigans and sit down.

  31. Summer Said:

    She looks amazing. And absolutely inappropriate for the event that she’s at.

  32. Trina Said:

    I totally agree with you way over the top for morning… Less is more…. Leave a little to our imagination…

  33. Hailee Said:

    She has a great body so why cant she flaunt it?? she looks perfect.. just because all you haters dont have the perfect body and couldnt pull off that dress.. LEAVE LEA ALONE!!!
    she is perfect!! END OF!!

  34. Bec Said:

    Lol you really think Lea Michele would read any of this bullcrap?
    She is perfect, strong and she can wear whatever the hell she wants.
    She looks fabulous and bold and that’s exactly who she is and I am glad she is wearing something that people will have a cry over and try judge her for it, shows to me that she doesn’t care what people think and she is happy with herself and the way she looks.
    She’s gorgeous and she should flaunt it. So maybe you should stick to cardigans and sit down.

  35. Elizabeth Jena Said:

    She doesn’t have a bra. Whaaaaattt???

  36. ebk Said:

    Its oki that she try to be sexy! But she dont need to, beacuse she is sexy! And she looks amazing in that drees! Sexy is a good look to her!

  37. jade murray Said:

    I think she’s still beautiful in whatever she wears xoxoxoxoxoxo

  38. becca Said:

    I can’t even talk about the dress when she is wearing peep-toes showing off that unpainted big toe. Obviously she won’t know how to dress for a morning event if she can’t keep a proper pedi.

  39. krysiahcents Said:

    If you are a fan of lea michele in previous photos she actually dresses wherein its a low v in the front so whats with all the diss that she is a slut i think she has been wearing this kinds of clothes ever since she started

    just saying

  40. Yomna yehia Said:

    I love lea so damn much and Like her dress and like every thing she do what ever what is it and she looks perfect as all the time .. SO SHUT UP ALREADY

  41. Sayuki Said:

    I’m her fan from Japan and hate to say, but I dislike this Asian taste green dress and how she exposes her skin at all.
    At least if you wear Kimono or something silk like this, you’d be taken as a prostitute or something. It’s probably the same in Chinese or Korean traditions.

  42. Yomna yehia Said:

    be like her then talk

  43. @bookzonthetable Said:

    She was perfect. Lea likes that kind of clothes, man. She is not trying to appear. She is not “trying to look sexy” because she does not need it. She is naturally sexy. Fuck you.

  44. LAL Said:


  45. Katarina Said:

    She’s not trying, she just IS sexy

  46. Rosa Said:

    I love this look and I think she has an amazing style! These things she wrote in her Brunette Ambition:

    “This sounds a bit unintentionally raunchy, but I believe that if you’re short, you need to show as much skin as possible. Stylists at photo shoots tend to want to put a lot of fabric on me, but that doesn’t work when you’re five foot two.”

    I’m even shorter than she is and I totally agree with her. And by the way, you should mind your own business.

  47. MikeinSJ Said:

    I think she looks FANTASTIC!!! What a prude you are!

  48. Medeja Said:

    I like it tho…i think she looks beautiful!! :)


    i agree with you

  50. Kira Said:

    It makes her look kinda flat-chested, so it takes away the slutty aspect and she just looks pretty :)

  51. MelanieM Said:

    I think Lea looks beautiful as always. She isn’t trying too hard, she just knows how to work an outfit and pose. AND knows how to out do anyone. I honestly think she is one of the most beautiful women who does nothing but share positivity with people. So people should have nothing bad to say about her!! <3

  52. Mandy Said:

    I think as women it is time we stop putting down other women who make bold choices and who feel confident in what they put on.
    I LOVE her dress. I think she looks amazing, vibrant and sassy. The colour is beautiful and the fit is perfect. How many women her height can look as though they have such long legs? She’s adorable.
    Writer of this article -next time you get invited to a gala, upfront or party- please take a pic and let us all critique what you are wearing. I hope people will be kind

  53. Fran Said:

    She look awesome! She didn’t try to look sexy, because she already is.
    Thumbs up for Lea! :D :D :D :D You rock! and you are an inspiration for all of us! :)

  54. Giorgia Said:

    Actually, I don’t think she’s trying to leave Rachel Berry’s style behind. She plays Rachel in Glee, it doesn’t mean she has her style, too. And by the way, she looks stunning even when she goes jogging (just to say one)

  55. Leslie G Said:

    She looks as beautiful as she always does. This dress says nothing about being a bad girl and everything about how sexy she is. Shy does everyone try to twist things into drama!

  56. ronald Said:

    love her beautiful shiny dress

  57. Emily Said:

    She doesnt have to try, she’s beautiful in everything :*

  58. Danielle Said:

    In my opinion, she looks fantastic! Go Lea, Go!

  59. Anissa Said:

    Well, I think maybe it’s too much, maybe she’s trying to look sexy and all. I do agree with you, when you say that she over-acts her sexy side and everything. But I don’t think you are the right person to tell hw she should get dressed. I’m not one of those haters, I do like what you post but I think that the first part of this post is innapropriate comming from you,

  60. Sid Said:

    She looks absolutely phenomenal in that dress. Calling her a “slut” or implying that she’s “trying to hard” is just feeding into the slut-shaming, patriarchal bullshit that society has been forcing onto women for so long now. So she’s wearing a short dress. So it’s low cut. Why should it matter? As long as she’s comfortable and confident and happy with who she is, that’s her business. Stating that you can only wear “Type A” outfits to “Type A” events and so on is absolutely ridiculous.

  61. Sid Said:

    Women have enough social restraints against them as it is. Do we really need to bring each other down because we’re jealous of what someone else has? If you’re not comfortable in your own skin, that’s your deal, but don’t take it out on other human beings to make yourself feel better at the end of the day.

  62. Heather Said:

    Screw You, she has natural beauty. All celebrities have to work hard to look good for their fans. If you were a celebrity, what would you do to make more fans?. If your just gonna insult someone other than yourself, then take a look in the mirror and see for yourself. GET A LIFE YOU MOTHER F*CKER!!!

  63. Sammie Said:

    I think she looks amazing, shes is not showing her breast nor her butt I don’t see what is wrong with this look. I actually love the dress on her and it shows her figure off just right in the right ways. At least she knows when too far is too far.

  64. Melanie Said:

    I think she looks flawless. I think you should try to build people up, not tear them down.

  65. Kait Said:

    I agree she looks stunning but come on sweetheart , you look like your trying to hard . plus that early in the morning , come on you can do better , I know your fab we know your fab , but don’t sink yourself down low into the demeaning Hollywood sluty style !!

  66. kristina Said:

    I think you,dear writer need a redo on this one because you are so off the map on this one. Lea Michele is NOT Rachel Berry. Lea has been in the spotlight since she was a child and is no stranger to fashion. Maybe you need a new hobby. She is perfect. Her dress is perfect. And you are jealous.

  67. kristina Said:

    PS- she is not trying to hard to be sexy. She IS sexy. Get over it.

  68. Marcela Said:

    She is not trying to me sexy ! She is sexy without trying ! Sorry if your not like that !

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